Stepping back up…

…on the scale this morning I would find that I lost 4 more pounds this month. Considering the mini-meltdown the first two weeks of the month, which was a very good lesson in exactly how important moderation and good choices for my body, mind and spirit are the only way for me to continue down this amazing road, I was grateful for the loss.

To be able to stick my foot out mid tumble down the elevator shoot of bad choices and overindulgence stopping my free fall and crawling back up to solid ground may be the most important hurdle I have jumped over yet.

I am so excited for this month, the bike ride challenge has turned into another hug of support from those around me, as the list is growing of folks that are riding with me! More details on that VERY soon!

I am now 315….just 15lbs to go and I will not be a 300 pound person. Whew, this feels good….this feels really good!








  1. moody says:

    Hey Lori, thought I’d stop by to drop you a line.
    As of today, I no longer weigh 90 kilos!!!
    I have dipped under that.
    Not by much, but just by enough.
    I’ll be looking forward to skipping past the 80 mark now.

    Keep it up!!!

    • dogl2324 says:

      Hello Moody!

      I am so glad you stopped by and shared the good news! CONGRATS, that awesome friend. Keep it up! I see the 80 mark on the horizon! <3

  2. Moody says:

    I have just over half a kilo to go to dip into the 80’ies (kilos that is), so I’m right there with ya! Keep up the good work, don’t panic if you trip and fall, but pick yourself up and keep on going.

    Or to say it with the Sutherland Family words: Jamais Arrière!!

    You go, girl!!!

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