**Burning Thighs Bike Ride**….raising money for the doggies, one muscle spasm at a time.

I have been peddling up hills and cruising down my path, hoping  to accomplish the challenge that Bob submitted last month.  Lindsey has helped me with training and hopefully this Sunday the weather is going to be kind to us when  we hit the open road peddling for the pooches and raising money for Recycled Doggies!

The goal is to ride 25 miles on the Loveland bike trail, and to be honest the most I have ridden at one time is 17, so this is going to be a test of determination and a challenge for sure. I will have some great friends with me and I know we will have a blast with many stories to share with you.



Gorgeous Loveland bike trail!



Please consider donating to help Recycled Doggies and the amazing work they do for the dogs in our community who sit alone in shelters waiting to die. Any donation amount would be AMAZING and very much appreciated. You can donate per mile once we finish the ride (I will post the results on Sunday night) or you can make a flat donation ahead of time to give us some inspiration when our bums go numb! Just put in the memo field that it is for the Dog-lbs bike ride!



If there is anyone who would like to join us, for all or part of the ride we would love to have you! We will meet at 11:00am at the Loveland Historic point of the trail, the ride should take about two hours. Then we will hobble to Paxton’s Grill after the ride for some lunch.

Please share this post and ask your friends to support us with this ride and help Recycled Doggies!




<3 Lori




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  1. Shera says:

    YOU are AMAZING!!! I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday morning.

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