A ride for Hazel.

Written Sunday night after the ride….


This is me, after I just took a 40 minute scalding hot shower.


My body hates me right now, both knees, thighs and tailbone are currently planning revenge for the middle of the night waking me with the clang of spasms, I am sure of it.  We rode 25 miles with very little stopping, even at the halfway point we only rested a few minuets before turning around and pushing harder on the return ride. The last 2 miles my calves were seizing up and I was riding with one foot trying to stretch the other and sweet talk it into behaving.

I am getting ahead of myself here. The day started with some sad news, finding out that Lindsey’s current foster dog  Hazel, is very, very ill. She would not be able to ride with us today and there was a moment of selfish panic that bounced around in my head, but I inhaled deeply and heard the words Linds has said to me so many times clink together like ice cubes in a glass…you got this. I stopped by her house on my way to the bike ride, I had thrown a roast in the oven the night before with hopes that Hazel would have some appetite for just a few bites, she is so incredibly weak and emaciated.

I meet the group in Loveland at the Bike rental place as planned, my dear friends Bonnie and Linda are there first picking out their trike recumbent bikes, which are totally cool and kinda like a recliner on wheels! Every time I see them, the same thought struts thorough my mind, I do not see these ladies nearly enough! I unload my bike and Jessica’s bike who is on her way  to meet us. Jessica had not ridden a bike in many years but with her true never say die attitude she said “sure, I will ride but I need to find a bike”, well my dear John was more than happy to loan his bike for the cause. I liked that idea cause while he was not with us there was a part of him along for the ride. Jenny arrives with her bike slapped on the back of her boyfriends jeep and we are ready to roll!


Jenny, Me, Jess, Linda & Bonnie... ready to ride!


It was a glorious day, chilly for sure, but the sun was out and the trial is stunningly beautiful!


The beginning, our pace was fast and our booties are feeling good!


We hit mile two and Linda is having some issues with her bike, we pull over for a pit stop. Bonnie jumps into action and working like a mechanic in a Nascar pit crew she gets everything going again….opps something snaps. (I am sure it was already cracked) Bonnie announces that she thinks they just bought a new Trike! Linda and Bonnie must head back but we will meet up with them a bit later!

We forge ahead and as we push off Jenny announces….”then there were three”….we forge on… 23 miles to go. There is nothing like being out in the middle of mother natures living room, it is comforting and we really could not have asked for a better day weather wise on our ride. The trees had given up their fight to hold summer up high like a prize and now the leaves lay like trophies all along the ground, it makes for a breathtaking view. It also left us a little breathless cause it was up a winding hill.  At that moment I was sad Lindsey was not with us to see it…so risking life and limb riding through the wet leaves, uphill, steering with one hand I look a pic for her.



Sometimes too much multi-tasking is not a good idea... I almost bit the dust!



Ah, this is the shot I was going for...


As we rode and laughed and told stories, I am yet again amazed at just how fabulous the people are in my life. We started the countdown to half way, I would shout out the mileage as we crept up on the 12.5 mile mark. “Half-way there!” I shout, we pull over to take a little stretch. We all have that same look on our face. Our booties have taken the brunt of the ride, and we all grimace as we peel ourselves off the lima bean size seats. (Mine is actually the size of a flattened pumpkin, but still my rump was not happy with me at all!) This is a picture of what our butts would  express if they could….




After a few short minuets we are back in the saddle and ready to make our return trip. Jessica had to go back to work, and the time was ticking away, so she decided to go ahead of us on the way back as to not be late to her next appointment. As Jess disappeared into the trees ahead of us, Jen announced….”and then there were two”…. and the two of us made out way back. Everything was good (our rear ends had pretty much gone numb at this point)  miles 21-25 would prove to be the most challenging part of the ride. We helped each other through,  and finally rolled into the very place  we started a little over 3 hours earlier completing the challenge submitted by Bob W. (Yes, I still love you Bob, don’t worry!)


Pink proof!




Here is the most important part of this post. Lindsey could not be there with us for the ride, she was there in spirit and  such a big part of why I was able to finish the challenge. She had more important things to do, and that was to be with her foster dog Hazel.  Meet Hazel.



Hazel has had a very hard life, she was a stray pregnant with puppies and the only way to feed them was to keep nursing them, they have literally sucked the life out of this sweet girl. This is the kind of dog that Recycled Doggies will do everything in their power to save, because this picture is not what they see when they look at look at her. They see this…



A dog who has hope and love to give, a dog who deserves a forever family, a family who can love her as much as she has loved her puppies.


All of the money raised from the bike ride will go to help Hazel specifically, her medical care will not be cheap, but she will have the very best care, a chance at a full recovery and a brand new life. Thanks to the very generous gifts and support from  Billie, Jean, Shannon, Chris, Lillian, Amy, Deb, who have made donations already… we have raised over $200 to put toward Hazel’s care. If anyone would like to donate please click the link below. No amount is too small to make a big difference for this sweet girl.

Lots of  love and hugs to Lindsey, Linda, Bonnie, Jessica, Jenny, John and of course Bob for setting it all in motion.









  1. Laura says:

    Lori, Hi it’s Jessica’s mom. I loved reading this today. You have a wonderful way with words. Keep up the good work you do and God Bless.


  2. Moody says:

    Way to go, Lori!!!
    You made it and you did great.

    How is Hazel doing?
    Is she getting better?

    This reminds me of Patrick … which is exactly how I found you.
    It’s a small world, after all.

    Congrats again on completing the challenge.


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