This morning I made a drive that I have missed over the last two months,  I drove to the Dr.’s office to get weighed and to have my yearly physical. While my beloved Dr. B is no longer there I was in very good hands with her colleague Dr. Drake and the wonderful staff that treat you like family. There is no doubt that these two amazing physicians were cut from the same cloth of kindness, compassion and medical awesomesauce.

Before I tell you about the results, I want to tell you that I am in no way ashamed of the last two months. Giving myself a bit of a break, but  in no way did I stop working out (matter of fact Linds had me outside on Wednesday in the cold running around the tennis courts of Anderson High School!) or working hard. Inhaling a much needed deep breath, letting the numbers fall where they may and welcomed in all that I am now. The grit of the journey has settled in my glass, and after taking a big gulp I am ready to forge ahead with the same intensity and commitment that I have grown comfortable with….oh, and let’s not forget the accountability. To those who have to be around  me socially during this holiday season of festivities and food orgies, hearing me shout out like a granny who just won at BINGO what I am eating, what I am not eating and what to try to keep me out of…thank you in advance. It is the best gift I will get, and it is priceless.

My weight is currently 321lbs, I gained two pounds from the one year weigh in. Here is a staggering number for you to know. When I went in for my physical just before the start of the dog-lbs project my blood pressure was 147/80, this morning the reading came in at 107/59 that is a huge improvement.  I sat in the car when I left and had a good cry, not because of the numbers on the scale, or because I was ashamed of myself  but because I don’t have to go on blood pressure medicine, because my heart beats stronger, I am healthier, and the terrible thoughts that my weight will kill me are less today than I can ever remember.  I am so so proud of myself for all the hard work that is showing up in ways other than numbers on a scale.

Speaking of the scale what would this post be without a goal? I found out yesterday that I am lucky enough to get to travel for work in late January to Orlando for a conference. My goal and challenge to myself is that I will board the plane and my weight will not begin with a 3….but a 2…so that is 22lbs in two months during the holidays. I will be weighing in every two weeks again (either with Linds or at the Dr.’s office) and post the results. As always my hope is to raise money for the sweet dogs who continue to inspire me.

Here we go….




  1. Kate says:

    That sounds like a wonderful goal, Lori! And I’m so impressed by your new “numbers.” Cheers to a happy, healthy heart!

  2. Michele Hays says:

    Hey, Lor – how about cardiovascular goals instead of weight goals? I am thrilled to hear your BP is doing well! I’d love to read more (and sponsor more) about that and you reaching fitness goals – even though I realize they are longer-term goals.

    You keep up the good work, girl!

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