As the end of the 2012 comes to a close many of us think about year end donations to different organizations and causes. Giving to charities that touch us, inspire us and the people who we see involved making the world a better place around us by their endless dedication to the causes that mean the most to them. There are many things I could write about, have written about and many examples of countless dogs that Recycled Doggies have swooped in and saved but today I am going to write about a very special dog to me they saved.

If you have been following the dog-lbs project you know the story of my “heart dog” Tristan and you know of his schnauzer brother Tully who taught him how to be a dog, how to play, how run in the backyard and all the very best fun naughty habits! I want to tell you about another dog in this post, a dog that was found tied up, matted,pee-soaked,  neglected and in pain. Maggie found herself on death row in a rural KY shelter when Recycled Doggies stepped in to save her putting her into their wonderful foster care network until she could be adopted.  After she was safe and getting the medical care she needed, as a vet tech shaved her matted body they discovered a fish hook embedded in her back paw, after further examination the Dr.  found that she was had bladder stones from holding her urine. She was young so the thought was she might have been hit or beaten if she went in her house or crate, and probably not taken outside enough to go when she needed , so she began to hold her urine and it crystallized in her bladder. Surgery removed the stones and she began to heal. It was not long after her surgery that I saw this picture of her on PetFinder.



I was looking for a companion dog for Tully when I adopted Maggie from Recycled Doggies, as he was lonely after a relationship of mine ended and he no longer saw his sister dog “Boone” , he seemed so sad that I wanted to see if bringing another dog into our home would cheer him up. I had no idea what a wonderful dog Maggie was going to be. She is loving, sweet and sassy, keeping  those boys in line! One of my favorite stories is that if Tristan is snoring too loud in the evening as we are lounging in the TV room, she will go over and lay on his face to get him to stop! She is no nonsense and a little bossy in the best possible way. She loves both Tristan and Tully very much and I often find her snuggling one or both of them on the couch or curled up in a chair. She has those big chocolate eyes that say everything, especially how grateful she is to have a home of her very own. She is the first on on my lap if the tears start to  fall and somehow knows when I need her to be close by.  Maggie was my first connection to Recycled Doggies which opened the door for what was to become an amazing road leading me to Tristan and to the dog-lbs project.


What a difference a little love can make!

What a difference a little love can make!
photo courtesy of c. evans/Phodographer



Meeting and greeting folks at a Recycled Doggies/Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry event wearing her “proud to be a RD t-shirt”.

Smooches for her favorite... Uncle John!

Smooches for her favorite… Uncle John!


Playing with her brothers...

Playing with her brothers…


One very happy ending!

One very happy ending!


One dog, one home, forever loved.

It’s a pretty good investment for your charity dollars! To find out more about Recycled Doggies and more about all the amazing work they do check them out at

To make a year end donation:


Thank you!



Lori & Maggie


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