Why does almond milk taste like play-doh and other thoughts….

I have to say that as far as days goes, today was a good one. I would like the world to believe that I was dreading going back to work after being off for 12 glorious days, heck I had even convinced myself that the groan I muttered this morning as my alarm blared in my ear was authentic. However once I got to work this morning I realized it was great to be back, I missed Scott and our morning chit chats about nothing and everything while sipping coffee. I like the brisk walk from the parking lot, seeing the sweet dogs in the park and the locals making their way to start the day or staggering in from all night shenanigans.

I spent my lunch hour doing some shopping, fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, nuts, salmon, oatmeal, and almond milk which I have discovered after a long time of trying to pinpoint the taste,  that almond milk tastes like play-doh.If anyone is wondering how I know what I play-doh tastes like, I can tell you the exact moment I decided it looked good enough to eat.

I got  a burger builder for Christmas one year….




C’mon it looks pretty dang tasty, ugh but it’s not. It’s like a tragic combo of old sweat and pencil erasers. That is why I am not sure why I like almond milk so much, maybe it’s the memory of yesteryear being a kid but the odd flavor is great in cereal and it can even make grapenuts taste pretty good. I bought lots of healthy foods today and I am prepared to cook and pack my lunches and prepare healthy dinners.

The end of the day would find me with a decision to make. I had brought my gym clothes to work in case Lindsey wanted to meet and work out. She could not meet today so as 5pm approached I thought that maybe I would talk myself out of going, I was tired and it would be crowded with all the new folks trying to make changes in the new year but then like a little ray of whining light my twin, aka Lauren came busting in my office announcing that she was totally unmotivated to go to the gym. Well, well, well…it was just what I needed “I am leaving now to get to the gym, I will save you a treadmill”, and that is how I made it to the gym tonight! The old me would have agreed with Lauren and suggested we go for pizza and beer, but I am proud to say that was not the case. Once I got to the gym it was so crowded you would have thought they were giving away firm tushies and abs, there were so many people milling around. I found a treadmill and ran/walked 2 miles till I was a sweaty mess and felt great!

Here is the plan for this month, the challenge if you will…. I am going to work very hard, I am going to focus and plan and do my best to weigh in on Monday morning January 28th before I fly to FLA for a work conference and see if I can come in under 300lbs. This is not going to be easy, and I might not hit it, and I am okay with that as long as I know I have done my best. I am giving myself some tools and gathering my peeps, Linds will be kicking my ass at the gym and my friend Jones (her name is Lindsey too so I will just call her Jones) will be walking with me, and Jessica is going to do yoga with me and I will be hitting the pool again. If the temp is above 30 degrees….Jenny and I are going to try to keep out bums from numbing up and get on our bikes! Everyone else…get ready I have you on speed dial if I am about to falter or find myself with a cake in my cart. I am also going to write….everyday. Something, anything, everything…..but I will be blogging more during this time and I asked for your support as always and I thank you for being there.




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