A handshake at Starbucks.

It is remarkable how I get what I need when I need it, and not a moment too soon. I met my friend Lindsey….uh, wait a minute  not MY Lindsey, I mean this Lindsey is my Lindsey too, but this is not THAT Lindsey. oh, boy…-never mind.

Let’s start over….

I met my dear friend Jonesy at Starbucks tonight to catch up on how our holidays went, talk about family, work and how we were feeling about the new year. Jonesy is a remarkable package of  this bright light of happy and one of the best listeners and thinkers around. I have know for a long time that she walks through the world seeing it in a very special way. Her energy is infectious and I welcome any time I get to spend with her. She filled me in on a running group meeting she attended and was intrigue but not completely sold on the idea that it would be the best way to prepare for a race. It took a few minuets to get there, it was a bit of a verbal dance around the topic, a courtship of steps slowly  leading to our commitment to train and run the 2013 Flying Pig 5K on May 4th together. With a handshake and a hug we promised to meet Wednesday at the gym to begin our indoor training on the treadmill. Hopefully we can squeeze in between the influx of new folks at the gym, my plan is to cough a lot and try to clear out some room if needed, it’s hell getting a treadmill this time of year! Even if I don’t know it yet, I am headed down the next part of the journey.

I am hoping others will join in and want to run with us, team “dog-lbs” reunited for another round, my hope is to run the whole thing this time, stronger and more confident than last year. Linds will be around as long as she can and I am hopeful she will be able to run it with us. I am gonna need her to help me figure this out and I know she will, there is no one better. Jess is in, and I am hoping Charmaine will be there and perhaps some new faces as well….everyone is welcome to come run with us.

Here it is…I am running the Flying Pig 5k this year…and training starts….NOW!

P.S. Guess who needs new running shoes? This girl!


old shoes


Who would have EVER thought I would say those words!






  1. Glenda says:


    I will join Team Dog lbs. It will get my butt to the gym, and give me a goal while I work on losing 80 lbs. Thank you. I better get busy because I am a month behind you and your friends. gjj513@yahoo.com.

    • dogl2324 says:

      YAY!!!! I am thrilled!!!! You totally got this! 🙂 I will be sending out more info soon regarding the 5K, registration and dog-lbs t-shirts! Woot woot! You rock!!!!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Ahmazzzzing = Y. O. U. !! Shoulda, coulda, woulda is not in your vocabulary & to me, in this day & age, is definitely a plus. You do what you say & say what you do. You will run this & I cheer you from the sidelines with all of the pride of Dorothy when she helped the lion find his courage. RAWR!!

    • dogl2324 says:

      Aww Phillis you always make me feel so good about this whole thing! I am gonna hold you to it and I will need you to yell extra loud at the finish line and let out a giant RWAR for me! xo

  3. Carla Woods says:

    Dear Lori,
    Though I am no where near ready to run a marathon @ this point, you have no idea the strength, courage & support I have taken from you. I am so proud of ALL your accomplishments & hope to be right by your side one day! <3

    • dogl2324 says:

      Sweet Carla,
      It’s only 3.2 miles, and you could totally walk/run it or walk it. Think about it, I would LOVE to have you join us! xo

  4. John S. says:

    And this member of your sideline support will be there…on the sidelines…geez, I am to old to run. I pledge $10/K with a big hug at the end. GO girl!

    • dogl2324 says:

      HOLY COW John! You are so amazing, and even if your not running I know you will be right beside me and waiting at the end! Love you so much!! Start building up that sock drawer darlin, cause I am a running!

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