The Good Stuff…


I was able to avoid eating delicious looking scones this morning with clotted cream, jam and butter and it’s not cause I didn’t want one, it’s that I want something else more. (it also helped that Scott was watching me like a hawk!)

We got off work early today, thanks to one amazing CEO, so I spent time with the dogs, caught up on some reading and then later I made my way to the gym to workout with Linds as she was back in town and let me say there is no better feeling than hearing her tell me to roll down and get my butt off theĀ  ball which I was doing my weight reps on…apparently my core is not going to strengthen it’s self. It’s funny, I have always been grateful for Lindsey and our time at the gym, even when I was tired or not feeling well but knowing there is a self life to the time we have left, I am committed to pay more attention, work hard and have as much fun as possible.

After the gym, enjoyed a healthy dinner, bison burger on a muti grain bun with avocado, blue cheese with sauteed kale and parsnip chips



Then I came home to find a new twist on my favorite slipper, a hotshot designer took some some time to put his own twist on said slipper (just one, I think it was an artistic decision). I will wear it with pride Tristan. Some might be mad I guess, but when you have a dog that has lived most of his life with abuse, your a little bit happy when he feels safe enough to chew on your slipper, it’s the good stuff for sure…..



Tristan Hilfiger slipper……





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