Who invited all these people?

The new year brings new hope and new resolutions for people looking to implement change. Another words it’s like trying fit a bundt cake into a muffin tin at the gym. Maybe I don’t remember it being this full last January or maybe I was too scared to look around instead keeping my head down trying not to make eye contact with anyone on my way to the pool. Don’t get me wrong I am really glad people are being active but good grief its a hot crowded mess!

Tonight Linds and I met at our usual time and were lucky to find two treadmills next to one another, it was only because the man next to me was leaving as Lindsey was arriving. We chatted and walked which made the first 30 minuets fly by, then we ran and I was feeling really good because I did over 12 minuets straight and my time was pretty good. We headed to find a place to do some weights, but of course all the regular places are full of people, so we ended up squeezing in beside some machines that no one uses because they look like they are from the 1970’s and once lived in Carol Brady’s basement. There were tons of people running on the track, all the fit people in their stylish outfits and fancy ipone holders for their music.  I was deep in thought mesmerized by the idea of how it must feel to not have your thighs rub against each other as I watch thin fit legs run past me when Lindsey enthusiastically shoved the round weight toward me and said “hows about a lap-a-ro-sky?”

Instant panic, and I put up a fight using the first excuse that came into my head, “I don’t have the right shirt on and everyone will see my gut if I run with this above my head”, yeah not Lindsey’s first rodeo and she just looked at me. I gave it another whirl “everyone is so fast and it’s so crowded” Linds looked over the iron grate and to her left up the track and said “not these two” I waited to see who she is talking about and when they finally expose themselves they are two sweet older ladies, and if you ask me they looked like they were moving pretty fast! Looking at Lindsey with a crocked smile on my face, I mouth the words  “nobody likes you” as I took off running with that blessed weight above my head. It left me wondering why am I feeling insecure now? Why the panic of others seeing me and judging me now? Why the fear now? I don’t have answers tonight just the questions that linger. I do know one thing, I am gonna be sore tomorrow.



  1. dogl2324 says:

    Thanks Shannon! <3 OMG I have to take a picture for you of these machines, they are hilarious and Linds and I tried to figure out how they worked...epic fail, I almost broke my leg. I will try to snap a pic next time I am there! 🙂

  2. Shannon Bodenstein says:

    If you’re running for 12 minutes straight you have NOTHING to feel insecure about. You’re fitter than 2/3 of the population already. Hey, any chance you could swipe those Carol Brady items for me?

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