A hair raising experience.

I can’t imagine what goes through his head when I take the schnauzers to get groomed. Tristan has a hard time to say the least. They however enthusiastically go crazy when I pull out their leashes, he high tails it into his crate and stays there. He will not take a treat, he will not come out and that distant fear comes tip toeing out just enough to flash us a peek of Tristan’s angst.

I took Maggie and Tully early on Wednesday morning before work, and picked them up around 4pm and headed home. My mom had called me from my house when she went over to let him out late in the morning. “Boy he does not like it at all that they are gone”, she would say this several times during our conversations throughout the day. Maggie and Tully get groomed about every 3 months so this is not a new experience for Tristan just one that he does not like. I have to say the welcome Tristan gives the schnauzers when they come home is a sight to see, so I thought I would tape it and share it with you. Here it is, please ignore my high pitched baby talk to Tristan, I don’t know why or how I do it, but for someone that has a pretty low voice I sure can screech it out, sorry about that! I promise if you are having a bad day this will make you smile…

this is love…

this is Tristan.


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  1. Cindy says:

    Wow, is he happy to see them! That’s great! So nice to see him happy & obviously feeling safe. God bless him & you for all you’ve done to get him to this point. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂


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