At Last…..

I am off  to Orlando tomorrow for a work conference. I am looking forward to the sun and for the opportunity to network and learn more in an ever changing industry. You have to know this was not the blog post I had originally written. I had one all set last night to post today but then…well, I woke up this morning and the day didn’t exactly go as planned.

I had been pretty stressed yesterday about my trip, about leaving, about leaving Tristan, and anxious about flying, about seatbelts, and if I would need an extension this time, and if those horrid inner thigh cramps I suffer from would appear while in the air. My mind a vast sea storm of “what if’s”….

I spend the morning with Jess looking for her sweet foster dog Etta, who had just been adopted yesterday and by some perfect storm of tragic events,  Etta bolted out the door of her new home and was gone in a flash. Despite her new foster Daddy feverishly looking for her, despite Jess and I out driving around hoping so see her sweet beagle head pop out of an alley or perhaps walking with a nice person who found her and was searching for where she belonged, despite the incredible well wishes and prayers of the amazing Recycled Doggies family Etta was hit by a car and killed today. I am heartbroken for Jessica who had Etta in her loving home , nursing her back from being heartworm positive showing her kindness, love and what it means to be part of a family. One dog who impacted so many people today, a dog who reminded me that things change so quickly it’s easy to forget what is important and get caught up in the what if’s of life. You can waste an awful lot of time with those two little words.

I will get on the plane tomorrow and know that my sweet Tristan will be just fine, he has his sweet G’ma who will be with him and his brother and sister to romp with, and  I have two great friends on the flight with me  if I need anything. I have nothing to be anxious about. So tomorrow as I am sailing through the sky, I will be looking toward the rainbow bridge and blowing a kiss to sweet Etta who is home at last.

There is one other thing I need to tell you. Today is the day I said I would post my weight, I got on the scale this morning and while I did not hit my goal of being under 300, I am  close. I will get there, this journey is unpredictable. It continues to inspire me, motivate me and break my heart, only to realize in those moments is exactly where I am supposed to be. I look forward to February, to  some sign of spring and for the cold days of winter to melt away. I am hoping to blog from FLA if I can.

Until then…..



12 lbs to go….ignore my wonky toes!








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