Come on home.

I found myself with a few free hours while I was in Florida this week. Many people took that opportunity to flee with the masses including a bazillion enthusiastic kids toward one of the theme parks on Disney property, I needed wanted to do something else.

I sat on the edge of the bed in my hotel room and laced up my running shoes. I had my bathing suit on under my black Reebok shorts and my red v-neck t-shirt as I stepped out on my balcony looking below to the pool area which was buzzing with activity. There were people all around, kids, teens and more black felt mouse ears than seem humanly possible.

I did a drive by practice in the mirror, and it didn’t seem so bad. I took my iphone and baby blue headphones from the cool marble side table and walked out the door. Making my way to the back of the hotel and out the sliding glass doors I turned left and  set the stopwatch on my phone,  Will Smith and I are ‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’ as I push off and begin to run. It does not matter to me who is watching(everyone), who sees me (no one), who judges me(anyone), or who laughs at me (someone), I am free and I run. I run by the water, down by the pier and over behind the parking lots and down a road I don’t know the name of. I feel the sun on my neck and sweat begins to bead up on my forehead and I press on, running. I ran for 18 minuets then stopped to walk for 5 before I found my pace again for another 15 minutes and then I turned around and headed back repeating the same pattern. No one cared, so why should I? I plopped down at a table with an umbrella and peeled off my shoes and socks, and I carried them down to the sand and found a chaise to rest my aching body. I took my shorts off and let the warm sun bathe my legs.





Looking out this was my view…




If there has been  a more peaceful moment I could not remember it as I watched the water, the boats and the birds in perfect harmony. I was supposed to take a cruise right about the time I adopted Tristan two years ago, an amazing gift of love. My intention was to lose 75lbs before the cruise, I never took that trip but the weight loss certainly happened and for that I am so grateful. Sitting there on the beach with my happy toes, I took a greedy sip, devoured just a bite of what it might have felt like to take that cruise. The past remains with me and I can either let it destroy me or quietly acknowledge it in the moments where the safety net sways below me as the ground feels solid enough beneath my feet to really remember.

Flying home I took notice when the screen displaying the in flight map attached to the seat in front of me said we were over Knoxville. Looking down at the maze of  winding roads and three county highways, it was all a blur but when I looked out on the horizon there was my own personal fireworks show with the most brilliant of colors….a fitting way to end a great trip and remember an amazing journey. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep knowing I would soon be home.







Scott and I just before we headed to the airport. Soaking up the last bit of sun.

Scott and I just before we headed to the airport. Soaking up the last bit of sun.



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