June in February.

I think most people who foster dogs get asked many times how is it possible to not want to keep them all? I have to say there was a time that I thought I could not do it either, and I would often lament thinking that I too would want to keep them all, the truth is…I don’t. When it comes down to it, I foster when I can and I love doing it, there is a wonderful gift in the ability to give a shelter dog who once sat on death row a family of their very own. It is the most rewarding thing I have done in my life so far. I try to remind myself that fostering saves lives, me feeling sorry for the dogs and wishing it were different saves nothing.

I have had foster dogs that have been adopted by friends,  foster dogs adopted by people I will never see again and I have had the pleasure of having foster dogs come back to stay with me for a visit when their family heads out of town. I don’t foster nearly as much or often as some of my fellow rescue friends but I do what I can and I feel pretty good about the balance in my life. There is that dreaded term “failed foster” when you just can’t give up the dog you were fostering and end up keeping them as part of your family. They really need to change the term, as there really is no failure involved what so ever when you make that connection.

When I decided to foster Tristan, I knew down deep in the wounded parts of my duct taped heart, that the minute I laid eyes on his broken soul shaking with terror that he would become my forever dog, though it would be months before I was ready to say the words out loud to Shannon and make the commitment.

Do what you can. If you can foster great, but sometimes it’s just not possible and that is totally understandable, not everyone’s life is built to have dogs pop in and out!  If you can’t foster but want to help  find a reputable rescue you believe in and give of your time volunteering, money and if nothing else help educate people on the importance of spay/neuter and adopting not shopping for pets. If you see, hear or have a gut feeling that a dog is being neglected or abused somewhere in your world, tell someone… be a voice for that innocent animal. We can all do something.

On that note I will introduce you to my newest foster, who in the spirit of naming my fosters after people/places/things that my Dad loved is …June Carter Cash (thank you to my dear friend Krista for the inspiration!)  June Carter was found along with her siblings inside a cardboard box placed in the bed of an animal control officers truck. She is about 4 weeks old and really should not be away from her momma yet,  but we will love her and fill her belly with formula and make her feel as safe as possible while she grows big and strong awaiting a family of her very own. I don’t think I need to tell you why I adore Recycled Doggies and the work they do for the dogs in our community. If you are local to the Cincinnati area and are interested in June or any of the Recycled Doggies available for adoption check out their site here! You can also get information on becoming a foster parent.



Meet June Carter!


June Carter Cash

June Carter Cash



She arrived last night and already she has stolen many hearts….



Tristan could not be happier to have this little girl with u!

Tristan could not be happier to have this little girl with us!




Mom and Maggie love her....

My Mom and Maggie love her….




Tully would love her more if she was ready to play!



Lindsey loves her....

Lindsey loves her….




I love her...

I love her…



The dogs wanted to know this morning if she was staying for a little while……



Yes, she is hanging around for a while!

Yes, she is!



If you would like to donate to Recycled Doggies and support their efforts to save more dogs like June and her brothers  who are left helpless in situations no animal should be subjected to, please consider a donation. Any amount makes a difference for these little ones! Thank you.





  1. Kimi Pitt says:

    I adore June!! I cannot foster (yet) but I do volunteer. I look at is as a way to give the foster mom’s/dad’s a break at events. Lately I have been doing transport on dogs in boarding to events while they wait for a foster home to open up. Doing this I love. Sami and I give them ‘talks’ about what life will be like when they get in a foster home. How awesome it will be. Even better than being rescued from death row. The adults we pick up are almost like scared puppies when we first get there. Scared and unsure. It’s a beautiful thing to watch over the course of just a couple hours their true personality start to come out. Love it!! Foster parents are a beautiful breed of humans. Thank you for being one of those breeds. =0)

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the insight to fostering, and thank you for doing it! I really enjoyed all the pics w/this post – all the little dogs are SO cute! Love June Carter’s little sweater, too. 🙂 Hope she finds her forever home quickly, once she’s ready. You’re a good soul!

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