2.13.13 Wednesday

Breakfast – 1 cup steel cut oats with 1/2 cup almond milk and a few blueberries and raw almonds.

1 cup coffee with half and half¬† and a little agave…ugh. I am not sure I can do the agave in my coffee – Anybody have any suggestions?

Snack- Banana and 1 tbs peanut butter (trader joes )

Lunch –Applegate Naturals organic Chicken Pattie with 3 tbs of homemade pasta sauce (Thanks Mel!) a bit of fresh mozzarella and sauteed spinach and mushroom in a drizzle of olive oil.¬† Water

Snack-Dried cherries and pistachios

Dinner- Saute of onion, sweet potato and edemame with crispy tofu (See Pic) Water with fresh Blackberries



Sweet ending of homemade vanilla bean rice pudding with a little maple syrup and walnuts. (see pic)




I am happy to write out any recipes if anyone would like them!

DAY 1….in the books!













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  1. Kimi Pitt says:

    Recipes please!!

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