40 days of the good stuff.

I am not catholic, heck I am not even nailed down to one church. Never been a fan of the dramatics that come with organized religion.  I go where it feels right when it feels right. I know some people might think that is a down rite shame, but it works for me and the relationship I have with God.

Oddly, I adore the idea of lent. The sacrifice, the test and the work involved to meet the challenge you have given yourself as an offering of love. I have thought about this for while and what I am giving up for the next 40 days is anything and everything fake that I consume. I will not be eating anything that contains chemicals, nothing refined, nothing that is processed. I would like to think I eat fairly well these days but there are plenty of things that I eat occasionally which are laden with stuff my body does not need. Saltine crackers for instance. What could possibly be so bad in saltine crackers? Sadly partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil and corn syrup. So many foods have things hidden in them, things that may or may not kill you but are not particularly good for your body and make you feel horrible.

The commitment is more than just the act of NOT eating it’s the efforts that will go into making sure I can stick to it. Which will include cooking, organizing and packing  almost all of my own food, writing about it, sharing recipes and of course a daily log of what I am eating. I am not weighing myself until the end of the 40 days. Next weigh- in will be Sunday March 31st. I will blog as usual but also create a separate area for just my food intake over the next 40 days, which will be available at the top right of the main homepage of the dog-lbs web site. I will post tonight after my first day of food consumption ends.


This is going to be hard and one of the hardest is sugar. No white sugar, no refined sugar and no raw sugar. Honey, agave, and pure maple syrup are allowed in moderation. I am addicted to coffee so this is going to be hard, I am very particularly how I like my coffee, cream and sugar. I am gonna whine and bitch but ultimately I am not going to fold like a button down shirt in a gap store! If anyone wants to join in I would love the company feel free to chime in on blog posts or message me privately. There is a fantastic resource and website where I found the inspiration to try this endeavor at and I recommend everyone to check it out. I will be using them as my main resource for the next 40 days…and beyond.

100 Days of Real Food.


It’s too easy to get comfortable where I am at, if I am honest with myself I know this will be good for me, even if it’s hard. So here is to the next 40 days of learning, planning and enjoying things in a whole new light.


“May we eat with mindfulness and gratitude so as to be worthy to receive it.”- Thich Nhat Hanh





  1. Kimi Pitt says:

    Been a fan of that site for years. I’ve done some but nothing big. Small changes. At some point I am going to have to kick it up and do some big changes. Coffee. Truly my favorite vise and only one I will not give up. I start drinking it black a couple years ago. Use to be sugar or sweetener with creamer. I just stopped. Took a couple weeks but I love black coffee now. Key is to buy good quality coffee. We pay a big more than your average person and have been called coffee snobs. But I have never heard anyone complain about the coffee they get at our house. =0) I am looking forward to catching the rest of the way back up. Recipes. And reading just what you ate and how you did it. We are in a rut here and I hate it. I don’t suppose we could talk Ree (Pioneer Woman) into going 100 days of real food could we?!?! lol Thank you for being you and for sharing it with others.

  2. stacie sparks says:

    Love it! totally with you on loving Lent. I’m not really a practicing Catholic, but I always jump up on the lent bandwagon. I am giving up sweets/desserts, but I like your idea better. Giving up refined sugar and processed foods sounds like a great idea. I’ll give it a whirl…which will be hard with my two little blondies…you know it’s so easy to swipe one of their crackers or chips. I just have one question though…giving up this refined stuff…where does that leave us for getting together for that drink?!? I can settle for lunch or coffee, but was kind of holdiing out for drinks 🙂 Seriously, as always, you are so inspiring. I am totally proud to know you. You are the da bomb 🙂

  3. Fox says:

    If you’re trying to avoid sugar, you could try Stevia (brand name is Truvia). It’s natural, sweet as sugar, but no calories. It’s been recommended at several conferences I’ve attended, especially for diabetic patients, and it does go pretty well in a morning cup o’java. Personally I can’t have artificial sweeteners like aspartame, I get headaches – so this has been a good alternative.

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