…the prize is always worth the rocky ride…

If there has been a more perfect day for me in the last couple of years, I certainly can’t remember when! It’s completely indulgent in every form and the day brought together so many things and people I adore.  It was the perfect rainbow swirl of amazing friends, perfect food, music icons, and more laughs than should be allowed by law, leaving me in a glorious hangover from the sheer delight of yesterday.

Louisville, Kentucky is a special place for me. Standing in line at a rock concert several years ago would be the place that by happenstance I would learn what it means to truly love, I would also learn that sometimes even when people leave the love remains and you have no choice but to find room for it on the crowded, cluttered sofa of  life’s permanence.

I would be flying high on Saturday after the sweet encounter of the scale that morning, I thought the best part of the day was behind me as I drove to meet everyone at Lora and Nikki’s house and head to Louisville for the night.  Amy, Bobby, Nikki, Lora and I would head down and meet Katie at Proof on Main for dinner before we went to see the Indigo Girls play with the Louisville Symphony Orchestra.

Dinner was insanely good. If you have not been here and can….GO!



Chicken that had been brined in goodness for days with roasted turnips, brussel  sprouts, figs and crack cocaine. Okay, not cocaine but it was crazy good!

Chicken that had been brined in lord only knows what kind of goodness for days with roasted turnips, brussel sprouts, figs, bourbon/apple jus, and crack cocaine. Okay, NOT crack cocaine but it was totally addictive!


I *might* have enjoyed some bourbon with dinner. IF I had enjoyed some bourbon at dinner it probably would have been High West Double Rye. IF I had said bourbon, I am pretty sure it was delicious and I enjoyed it very much with some house made ginger ale. Dinner went long and we did not get to enjoy dessert but they knew it was Amy’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!) so our server brought a bowl of  cotton candy they make in house for the table to share. It was very pretty and of course ALL sugar, and who has not had sugar for 46 days? This girl. When I laid that fluffy, puffy mess of sugar on my tongue the high was almost instantaneous, I felt like running around the block…twice. I didn’t but I was well aware of the effects of the sugar, or the bourbon….or both. The outcome was impromptu pink cotton candy mustaches and goatees, there are pictures but I didn’t think I would survive if I posted them….just know we had a blast.


Snapped a pic on the way to the venue!

Pic on the way to the venue! A little crazy but I love them!


The concert was brilliant and to hear arrangements of songs I have been listening for years coming at me with new life, hearing them differently with the powerhouse of the symphony behind the Indigo Girls was a gift in itself. So many of their songs have such deep meaning for me as they do for all the folks that have been touched by their lyrics and music.  Sometimes the words are so haunting, the moments of the past connected to the songs, the words, and meanings are startling to me … sometimes I forget you’re not sitting next to me, meeting in the middle of impossibility.



Nik, Lora, me, and Amy

Nik, Lora, me, and Amy backstage.


Yes, you read correctly…backstage. Thanks to Amy and her amazing, no-nonsense, business savvy, powerhouse self we found ourselves chatting away with Amy and Emily… it was a bit surreal in the moment but both Amy and Emily were very kind and warm, as if that was ever in question.


Indigo Girls 2013

Amy & Emily were very good to us!


It was a perfect ending to a pretty perfect day that started with the scale confirming for me that my hard work is paying off. I feel great and I hold my head up high knowing the shame of the past is becoming more of a distant memory than an active participant in my life.  This is the perfect example of choosing experiences in which I indulge in a lovely dinner, cocktails and even cotton candy! I don’t  ever want to sacrifice memories made with people that mean so much to me but there has to be balance. That is why you will find me at the gym tomorrow night with Jess and Linds!




no way construction of this tricky plan
was built by other than a greater hand
with a love that passes all out understanding
watching closely over the journey
yeah but what it takes to cross the great divide
seems more than all the courage i can muster up inside
although we get to have some answers when we reach the other side
the prize is always worth the rocky ride
“-   e. saliers


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  1. cherie says:

    Wow – what a fantastic day – thanks for sharing it with us! =)

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