Flying by the seat of my pants.

Here is how it went down…..

After the 40 46 day challenge and just before Lindsey left I let myself just be. I didn’t think about eating so much, I didn’t do anything horrible but I was not making the best choices. It took my body about 10 days before I felt like complete crap, of course that did nothing but piss me off. I had donuts two days in a row and then I was done with my pathetic attitude and pretty much got myself back on track fast. I wrote a pretty raw blog post about it and was getting ready to post it when the Boston tragedy happened. That puts things in a whole lot of perspective and gave me some clarity that life is short and it’s too short to keep beating myself up each time I am not perfect, each time I maybe don’t make the best choice or stumble in my rush to keep steady in the middle of the road.

I have not written about it but I have been having some foot pain, it’s probably been going on for about 6 weeks, I stopped running about a month ago. I tried to get into a podiatrist earlier but I ended up getting an appointment yesterday morning with a  wonderful Dr. He took x-rays and turns out I have a bone that is pressing on some nerves which of course…hurts like hell! The bad news is the only way to really correct it is surgery and he did not think that was necessary at this point the good news is that we can stop it from getting any worse and give my foot some more support with special orthotics and take anti inflammatories when I push to hard. I asked him about running, and he said he was not going to tell me to stop all together but I have to be careful and listen to my body. I thought long and hard about what to do in regards to the Flying Pig 5K, and after thinking about the folks in Boston and talking to Jonesy last night as we were on the treadmill there is only one thing to do…. the Flying Pig 10K.


All Registered!

All Registered!



I registered last night. I will run when I can and walk the rest, I will hold my head up high no matter how long it takes me to finish. I will wear my Boston Red Sox’s t-shirt Scott and Andrea got me for my birthday last year when Scott went up for a friend’s wedding.

I will be asking for donations to help Recycled Doggies and the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry like always. I will also be asking for you to send good vibes my way on May 4th!

Oh, and about the pants in the title of this blog. I ordered a pair of pants from Eddie Bauer. I have had them for two weeks, I have been too scared to put them on, they sat shotgun by my desk at work until Monday, and then they stayed tucked in the back of my car till tonight. I held them up pretty sure there was no way those suckers would ever fit me, but they do and I will be wearing them to work tomorrow!



New pants compared to a pair of jeans that were very tight that I wore at the start of the dog-lbs project.

New pants compared to a pair of jeans that were very tight that I wore at the start of the dog-lbs project.








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