It’s the oddest feeling of calm within the chaos lately. I have spent almost three years moving forward, looking back only to face my fears. I have changed my life, I have dug to the depths of the darkest places in my soul letting go of the pain soaked saturated years and scrubbing the dark stains out like an old coffee mug that was never washed. It feels good, this place feels like home just without the warm lavender scented hugs I still miss each day. I am okay with the missing, there is something to be said for having something so special that it remains a fixture in your life, even after all that changes.


Tomorrow is the Flying Pig 10K …


10K loot

10K loot



I will walk to the starting line wearing bib number #27892 pinned to the front of my shirt, I will put my headphones on and blast the music that not only contains the songs and lyrics of the choices you sent which come fully equipped with such light, love, kindness and hope that people have shown to me from the very start of this project. It’s what will tether me to the course of CAN, when I feel like failure would be as soothing as a quick slurp of cool water. I will run when I can, walk when I can’t but I will finish with my head held high knowing for me the finish line is just another point of no return as I make my own path the only way I know how… taking each small step as it’s comes.


This one is for Tristan, my brave boy who never gives up…











  1. dogl2324 says:

    Oh Meggie, you have no idea what a great boost your message gave me! Thank you for checking in and for keeping an eye on my progress. I am gonna come in for new shoes in August, but I will call and make sure you are gonna be around when I come in! I will buy shoes from no one else! ( I still use the ones you fitted me for!) Hope you are having a great summer!


  2. Meggie says:

    I helped you last March at the Running Spot in Newport to get you in a pair of shoes. I occasionally look at your blog to see how you are doing and I am so happy that over a year later and you’re still at it and have doubled your Flying Pig distance! Congratulations and keep inspiring others with your words. Enjoy running and make sure you come back in to see us soon!

    Gotta run!

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