Kill them with kindness.

Today is my mom’s birthday. All my life I have been amazed at my mom’s ability to see the best in people. Her kindness is effortless, unconditional and is seen through the eyes of equality.  It is stitched into her fabric of being, and in the end will be her beautiful imprint left on this world. She has done more acts of random kindness in thought, word and deed than I will ever know about and she is the inspiration for the next dog-lbs challenge.

Summer is here and for me an incredibly stressful time at work. The Cincinnati Opera’s summer season is one of thrilling grand opera and a grueling schedule which I love and dread all at the same time. Personally it is a challenge not to fall back into old habits and turn to food for comfort as it is everywhere during the months of June and July. The last few weeks I have relaxed a bit after the 10k, not being as strict with myself  which was a choice made with thought and purpose but what I need now is to pull in the reigns a bit and get back on the saddle of structure. For the the next two months I am back to the strict “real food” eating plan along with making the commitment of doing some sort of exercise(swimming, biking, running) 3 times a week.  I will blog as often as I can and at the beginning of August  I will get on the scale. I have stayed away from getting on the scale, which is harder than you would think for me, but part of my healing is not obsessing about the number.

Now… that is just the first part of the challenge, the mindful eating part of the challenge. What comes next is the part that is inspired by my mom, well let me rephrase that… it is inspired by my mom and all  the people in my life that give of themselves selflessly in kindness whether it be Shannon and Shera and my family of volunteers with Recycled Doggies or Bob, Melinda, Kristi, Shannon, Lora,Jen, Nik, Scott, Lauren, Larry, Amy, Jean, Sue Ellen, Jenny, Deb, Catherine, Y-Jean, Matt, Lindsey, Jess, Grace, John, Drew, Jonesy and the countless others in my life who are some of the kindest and most giving people I know…the people that inspire me to keep moving forward and try with all my might to be a better person to the world around me. To be mindful of how I live, what I say and how my actions impact others.

I am going to write each day about one act of kindness I experience starting June 1st. It can be kindness to myself, others, or acts of kindness I never thought of as kind before. I want to try to see the world as my mom does, I want to find some tenderness in a world of bombings, kidnappings, torture and abuse of innocent animals that at times fills me with rage and hate. In the end the only person that really hurts is me. I refuse to give in so instead I am going to give it up and try a little kindness.

Oh, there is one more thing… I need you to help me!  For every act of kindness you experience as the giver or receiver and post about it here on the “kill them with kindness” comment area, or on the dog-lbs facebook page here, I will make a donation to Recycled Doggies in honor of YOU! If you read something that inspires you, then make a donation in honor of someone else’s act of kindness. Please feel free to share this with any friends or family that might be up for a little challenge of “kill em with kindness”.

<3 , L


“Nothing carries more potential for change than individual acts of human kindness. ”
― Jamie Winship


My mom and Tristan. Kindness change his world...and mine.

My mom and Tristan. Kindness change his world…and mine.




Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!



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