Root, root, root…..

The over-sized envelope was waiting for me on the counter when I came home from work. I smiled at the return address, if there is one thing that continues to amaze me it’s the people I have met and continue to meet along the way on this dog-lbs journey. Jean reached out to me fairly early on, she and her husband adopted a dog who had many of the same issues as Tristan. We became fast friends chatting about our boys and their sweet crazy quirks, sharing a love of theater and I have become fond of seeing her e-mails appear on my screen,  it’s like finding the surprise in the cracker jack box!

I opened the envelop and slid out the treasure inside. After my last post about my Dad, I wonder if there was not a message from the universe in there somewhere because what I pulled out was a frameable print of the words to “take me out to the ballgame” customized with the my beloved Reds filled in at the root, root, root part!

I took the small silver radio from the kitchen out back to the porch, the one that sat beside my Dad’s bed at the nursing home. I let the dogs run, watched the sun think about starting to sink and listened to Marty announce the game. As I sat there looking at the words to the song, I closed my eyes remembering my blue cotton candy crusted face and cherry slurpee red tongue cheering on our favorite players sitting next to my Dad at the old Riverfront ballpark. Letting my imagination run the bases in fantasy it was a perfect night listening to the game with my Dad…. minus the blue cotton candy and upset belly!

Thank you Jean, for your friendship, your never ending support but most of all thank you for the kindness you have shown me today and along the way.  <3








  1. Laura says:

    Wonderful memories of you father. Love to read your stories they are very uplifting. Take care, Laura

    • dogl2324 says:

      Aww, thank you Laura! It makes me happy that you read along and can enjoy some of the stories of my time with Dad. <3

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