Those three little words.

Jessica sent me a message asking if I would do a bike ride with her , and I said yes. Despite having a crazy upcoming  week, and an evening work event to attend after the ride, I could not resist, plus we always have a blast doing these events. I have become a little addicted to the runs, walks, and rides that I never would have been able to complete a couple of years ago. The ride was not very long just over 8 miles, but it was on city streets in traffic and had hills. Hills and I are not friends, as a matter of fact we broke up years ago and have not been able to get back together.

Jess and I are not helmet people, I know that sounds stupid but it’s the truth. I like the wind in my hair, I like the freedom of talking as I peddle along unless I am by myself listening to music, but I also like my brain safely tucked inside my skull so we opted to wear the required helmets though we both looked like mutant biking turtles. (Sorry Jess, we do) There are pictures which will not be posted..ooohhhhhh  look a nice picture of my bike instead!


Bike number


The ride started in Cincinnati traveling into Kentucky and along a series of small river towns, passing through my hometown where both Jess’s mom and my mom would meet us along the route in support of our early Sunday morning shenanigans. We would bike past my old high school and to the other end of the town where we would hop on a road that runs along the river. It’s a winding, blacktop of memories where Friday night joy rides after football games ensued and third date kisses were known to happen. The view along the path was a slow, lazy drifting of yesterdays.


viewturn around


We stopped for a swig of Gatorade and snack before heading back. It was on our return that I would be reminded that kindness really does lurk in the strangest of places. I was peddling up a hill not sure if I would make it, on the lowest gear as my legs struggled to keep my momentum going, I thought I would fail. I got mad, I kept saying to myself do not stop peddling, it was not graceful and it certainly lacked the effortless speed and control some of the riders in their super speedy bikes with matching outfits possess.  Out of breath, sweating like crazy under my turtle shell, I turned the corner at the top of the hill. I heard them coming, they sounded like a car zooming by,  those racing speedsters who had just watched me struggle up the hill.

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!! they shouted the last one in the line of speedy racers gave me the thumbs up. In a flash they were gone, but they left behind a little of their fire for me to ride through.

In that second my jello legs turned strong again and I reclaimed my place (who am I kidding, and my balance)  and I rode on.

What a simple act of kindness, three little words from  strangers who do not know me, or owe me anything. It might not mean much to some but for me it means that I exist. It means that my movement in the world, in this body can be seen and my effort no matter how ham-handed or slow is of value.



post race yagoot

Celebrating at the finish with some yagoot!


What words of kindness has someone said to you that have made a difference?





At the end of each post for the next two months I will remind you and challenge you to post an act of kindness you experience(d) from the smallest of intentions to something that will leave or has left a lasting imprint on your life, it all matters! Maybe you will view kindness differently or help others see the world through a different lens …here is the link to share your thoughts, and remember I will make a donation to Recycled Doggies for each post, if you would rather e-mail me privately you can do so at

Thank you!!!



  1. Dawn McGuire says:

    It is amazing, as you state, how even just a smile can lift someone’s spirit! One little tip, if you ask someone how they are doing or how their day is take a few seconds to make eye contact and listen. Strangers won’t (normally) go into a lengthy exchange, it let’s them know you CARE. Good idea for helping Recycled Doggies! I have a Recycled baby and a Recycled grand baby.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Hi Dawn,

      It makes a huge difference! Last week I decided to look people in the eye when I spoke to everyone, both stranger and friends and it was pretty amazing. In a world where we are obsessed with tweeting and posting and texting, the lost art of eye contact needs to make a comeback! Thank you for reminding me! Aww I love the Recycled furbabies! Yay! Thank you so much for posting! x

  2. Kate B. says:

    This post made my morning! “Way to go.” Three simple words that make all the difference.

    My roommate and I face the same struggles of every twenty-something American girl. Rent payments, stress overloads, demanding schedules, little sleep… The list goes on. Whenever the day-to-day makes it difficult to see the bigger picture, we stand up and yell in the most obnoxiously loud voice “YOU KEEP DIGGING!” It’s a line from the Disney movie “Holes,” a movie that we both watched on repeat when we were kids. (See video clip here: We imitate the grandpa’s voice, making each other burst into giggles almost immediately. And you know what? That little bit of laughter makes us forget how much we miss our folks or how freakin’ hot it is in Houston! It may seem silly, but those three little words make everything seem a bit brighter.

    • dogl2324 says:

      I love it Kate! The little things are what make the days tolerable when we struggle, and to have people to share it with well that a double scoop bonus!! I might have to steal your trick! If you hear me at work or on the treadmill YOU KEEP DIGGING…. you will know it’s me. <3

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