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This blog post deals with the issue of BMI (body mass index) measuring in schools and making that numberĀ  the focal point of labeling kids. My dear friend Michele Hays who is an amazing writer/chef /food enthusiast which also extends to food policy and politics, as well asĀ  food education, brings up the BMI topic and asked me to write a bit about my view. I am so thankful she is in the world fighting the good fight for a better way to do things.

You can read the article HERE, which includes my thoughts and writings on the subject. We have to stop the need to label and define everything about each other. No kindness exists in our inability to look beyond the obvious.


<3 Lori


You can also follow Michele’s Facebook page here, I promise you will not be disappointed!









  1. Michele Hays @QuipsTravails says:

    Again, Lor – you are awesome. Thank you for sharing your story – I hope it knocks some sense into the folks who read it.

    I’ve got to say – every time I read one of these kinds of stories on your blog, it makes me so angry I could cry. In fact, I did when I was telling my husband what you wrote.

    • dogl2324 says:

      Thank you for asking and for having such an amazing drive to bring about change. I keep thinking it will get easier when I write the really hard stuff, and in a way it does but it is an evolving letting go, if that makes sense. I love you and your amazing unconditional kindness!

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