The Moussetrap.

Mmmm decadent chocolate mousse with orange zest…..


avocado done

Jonesy came over for lunch on Saturday afternoon, and I wanted to cook something amazing for her as I do when I invite anyone over for a meal, I wanted to flex my culinary muscle and make some delicious food, and I think I did.  Here is the menu with some pics of the offerings. I cooked with as many local ingredients as possible, the menu contained no meat, dairy or eggs.

We started with a roasted beet salad, greens and a caramelized shallot and citrus vinaigrette with crunchy pistachios dusted on top and a creamy white bean puree to dip warm nan bread into….


We also had jasmine rice made with coconut milk and on top a hash of sweet potatoes, leeks, shitake mushrooms,  edamame, kale and shallots….


and of course that kick ass mousse for dessert.

I gave some of the chocolate goodness to my mom later that night and she gobbled it down like a kid. “I don’t know if I have ever had mousse this good, Lori. This is REALLY good!  I knew she was not just saying how good it was to be nice to me, she is pretty honest when one of my concoctions is not great. At that point I asked her what she thought was in it. She looked at me and said “I don’t know, chocolate chips, eggs, cream, ?” I smiled and said “not exactly”.

The mousse is made with a very short list of ingredients none of which are any of the things my mom mentioned, some of the list includes coconut milk, vanilla, cocoa powder, avocados, cinnamon, fresh orange….and yes you read that correctly, I wrote avocados.


We had a great lunch in the backyard, great conversation, the weather could not have been nicer, the dogs were running around playing and Maggie could not get enough of hanging with Jonesy! A wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  One of those days that it feels good to be alive and feeling the sun on your skin. I am thinking about my next food challenge, and the commitment it will take to do it with success.  More on that later, stay tuned as I am still working out the details!


Happy, happy, happy!

Happy, happy, happy!


I get it, it’s a little unconventional to use avocados in a dessert, but considering what’s in a hot dog…avocados are the least of your worries! If you are interested in the the recipe it is below just click.

chocolate mousse with orange zest




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