Pass it around.

The other night I went to dinner with friends as we celebrated Eric’s birthday and I was reminded how food was meant to be eaten. Lauren and I have always shared food, and especially over the past few years if there is a special occasion where it would be easy to overeat and indulge to a point that I would spend the next day in a self loathing spin cycle of shame then sharing is what we did and continue to do. Last night we shared a bowl of mussels in a golden broth where the shallots and orange zest came together and swirled into perfection. Even though we were in a nicer restaurant we both got that mischievous look as we tossed a few oyster crackers into the bottom of the bowl for instant soup as we slurped up the glorious pool of broth and saturated crackers we were not willing to let go by the wayside like kids getting to lick the icing bowl when a cake had been made. I had one, yes ONE hush puppy. Those suckers were perfectly deep fried decadent balls of caloric satan and I could easily eat a plateful, but I had one…and it was enough. The waitress brought us plates to split our entree but that is not how we roll, and there is no way you could “split” this dish! Two forks and we were in heaven.




Food was passed around, forks exchanged, and lots of laughter wafted through the air  giving life to the celebration. It is the way we are meant to eat, and it occurred to me that sharing food, experiencing tastes and smells makes us who we are, it defines our life every step of the way. We celebrate birth with food and when there is death often casseroles,  homemade pies and breads show up with love and support giving strength as grief numbs us and food is a part of so so many occasions in between. When I think about the memories of my Dad, so many of them revolve around food, making pancakes together on Saturdays mornings, seeing him put my mom’s apron on when he would make his famous friend chicken or sharing a bag of peanuts at the ballpark. Those moments, those memories are joyful reminders and can instantly transport me back decades to be with him even if just for a few delicious minuets.

Taking time to plan the perfect menu and shop for ingredients, remembering that Lauren does not like mushrooms, Scott hates the texture of watermelon and Matt will not eat beans (except when I blend them up for chili, he never knows) it’s a labor of love, it’s one of my favorite ways to show people I love them. That  is a far cry from the self hate filled binge eating rampages I would go on in parking lots of drive-thru’s sitting in the dark force feeding my anger and shame one disgusting McNugget at a time. I am proud to tell you that I have not done that in a very long time and while I am a person who believes strongly in “never say never” I know that girl is no longer welcome here.

Pass your fork around, break a piece of bread CAKE and share it with your neighbor, try something new and in the very wise words of my twin “sharing food is the best. I am not friends with people who won’t share.”…. I think that is a pretty good rule to live by, not only with food but most things…. MOST things…no, not tooth brushes or significant others. On that note I am off to take some left over Pad Thai I made last night  to Lauren before I run errands. I am going to share the recipe HERE if you are interested. 🙂



pad thai


Enjoy! <3  L


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