Eddy Arnold, Italian Tofu and something unexpected.

The day was all planned out, I was going to pick my mom up at 12:30 pm for shopping and a late lunch then come home do laundry and cook for the week as my 14 day vacation had come to an end. Here is what actually happened….

At 12:15pm I decided to foster a puppy who had a small wound on his head. I called mom picked her up and we headed out to Bed, Bath and Beyond to look for a new garbage can for my kitchen. I am not a cheap person people, really. I buy expensive coffee and bourbon but I am not spending $147.99 for a trash can unless it’s walking itself to the curb on trash night! I left without buying anything, and we went for a quick lunch as we waited for word on when and where to meet the transport that would deliver my lil nugget of puppy breath.

Mom wanted to go to McAllister’s and to be honest not a bad choice. I had made coffee this morning and then had a smoothie, very similar to the one I made yesterday the only difference was no peanut butter but peach and kale instead. It was really good. For lunch I would have a half of a baked potato with tomato, onions, olives, mushrooms and sour cream along with 1/2 of their veggie sandwich that had tomato, spinach, avocado, roasted red peppers. I didn’t notice until half way through our meal but my mom ordered vegetarian as well. She IS paying attention!



After lunch we raced off to meet the transport. This is who we rode home with…..

Eddy Arnold1

Turns out he is quite the singer.

Eddy Arnold2

So I named him Eddy Arnold sticking with my tradition of naming my fosters after people my dad admired or enjoyed. He sure would have enjoyed this sweet little guy!

After getting him settled I knew I had to get my food together for tomorrow so I decided to make a lasagna with tofu that I marinated with garlic, oregano, olive oil baked it for about 20 minuets then layered it with mushrooms, leeks, spinach, zucchini, organic tomato sauce and topped with some mozzarella on top.

tofu lasagna

Had a potion for dinner and water with lime.

17  organic dark chocolate chips and almond milk (1 cup) would be dessert.

As I was winding down for the evening, with a sweet snoring puppy lying on my chest, I heard the ping on my iphone telling me I had an e-mail. I thought it was a mistake at first because it was a donation alert letting me know someone had made a donation to the dog-lbs project through Recycled Doggies. Sadly I have done nothing  to warrant a donation.  I opened the e-mail and read the words that came with the $18 donation.  (The number of pounds I had gained.)

“Lori–a dollar per pound gained. There, something positive came from your binge. Now you can move ahead.”

When you least expect it, there is understanding, there is someone who reaches out and there is hope. Thank you does not seem nearly enough… $18 that means the world to me, thank you.

Looking forward to what this week has in store for me!

One last cute puppy pic for the night!

Goodnight Everyone!

Goodnight Everyone!



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