Day three.

I am old. That is my conclusion as I sit here writing this and looking forward to going to bed….it’s 8:38pm!  Diana Nyad who is 64 completed her swim today from Cuba to Key West and I am exhausted after a day of puppy duty with Eddy Arnold. I better step up my game, because Diana says “Find a Way” so I am going to do just that, after I write this post and get a good nights sleep.

I was lucky enough to hear Diana Nyad speak a few months ago and I left the event ready jump in the water with her, what a powerhouse of a passionate dream seeker. She says we should never, ever give up. I am letting that swim around in my pool of thoughts as I trot along my path. “If you want to touch the other shore badly enough, barring an impossible situation, you will. If your desire is diluted for any reason, you’ll never make it.” -Diana Nyad

Today started early for me around 6:00am up with Eddy Arnold, he is a doll but he is a young puppy who is not used to routine, or confinement, and he will need to get used to his new arrangement but he is settling in just fine. I don’t know what his life was like before but I have a feeling it did not involve playpens, crates or baby gates.

The worst thing I did today was forgot to eat breakfast, things were a bit hectic dealing with Mr. Arnold, my dogs and getting myself back to work after almost three weeks off that I walked out with my coffee and my lunch but nothing for breakfast. I chose not to stop and get something but I did eat a nectarine once I got to work.

Lunchtime would find Lauren and I sneaking back to my place for a little snuggle rendezvous with Mr. Arnold, which might just be the very best way to spend a lunch break. Not many people have seen Tristan with puppies and Lauren commented that she couldn’t believe what a different dog he was, he seems to forget to be scared when puppies are around. It is heartwarming to witness. 

My lunch was a portion of the tofu lasagna I made last night, a banana and 12 mini pretzels with water.

I came home, tended to the dogs, did some chores and opted for an organic spinach and feta whole wheat crust pizza I cut the small pizza in half and decided to have a 99 calorie ( so worth it) ice cold beer. I ate dinner outside on the back porch as the sun gave up it’s fight and  the dogs were running around chasing lighting bugs…. Eddy was close by in his playpen situated by the kitchen door. A kinda perfect night.

Here are some pics from the day…..


Eddy Arnold's new digs!

Eddy Arnold’s new digs!



Lauren got a giant smooch from Eddy Arnold this afternoon!





Eddy sound asleep in his playpen! Goodnight everyone!

Eddy sound asleep in his playpen! Goodnight everyone!







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  1. Naomi says:

    That puppy is TOO cute, that pizza looks AMAZING, a 99 calorie beer????? You’re doing GREAT!! Keep up the awesome work!

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