Saved by sangria…day four.

Well not exactly. A few weeks ago I made a sparkling sangria to celebrate a friend’s birthday and had stuck a bag of perfectly sweet and juicy grapes in the freezer to use instead of ice. Tonight I was looking for something sweet and had already had my allotted amount of dark chocolate chips for the day when I remembered I had some of the grapes left. I opened the freezer and there they were…. perfect.

I jumped ahead to the end of the day, when I really should start at the beginning. I am getting Mr. Arnold into a routine so that is good stuff, he eats, plays, poops and then poops out….in that order, he is a simple boy. The morning was a little chaotic but I did manage to get breakfast along with my coffee. I had oatmeal with almond milk, blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup which was filling and warm on a cool morning. I am afraid the end of summer is slowly coming into sight. My workday would consist of a day long workshop/meeting with a short break for lunch. They had food delivered for the meeting but I ran home to check on Mr. Arnold instead,  I am not comfortable asking my mom to watch after a puppy especially with her still recovering from the knee injury so it was a quick drive by but I managed to get home and back to work in 45 minutes.

When I came in the door, I threw the leftover spinach pizza into the toaster oven and grabbed it on my way out and back to work. That way I avoided the giant sandwiches, chips and cookies that would be offered back at work. I did take my 17 chocolate chips and a few peanuts in a zip-lock bag for something sweet. Then later in the afternoon my banged up nectarine which I had lugged around in my bag would be a perfect snack around 3:30pm. Oh how I am  going to miss this ripe, sweet summer fruit in the middle of February.

I had ideas of grandeur to cook something fabulous tonight but the choice of playing with a puppy…a puppy with that puppy breath wafting all around instead of cooking seemed like a simple choice. Leftovers it was, and I am totally okay with that decision. I think the tofu lasagna was actually better this time around!


Good....but not as good as puppy breath!

Good….but not as good as puppy breath!


Now that Eddy Arnold is getting settled I have made plans to work out with Jessica tomorrow night.  I am going to have to sacrifice the puppy breath to be out of breath on the treadmill! Eddy wanted to say goodnight to you but he fell asleep…. all you get is a picture of his sweet GIANT ears……



Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!















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