You say tomato and I say….delicious!

I was lucky enough to have an abundant gifting of tomatoes. My friends Phyllis and John both gave me some gorgeous looking tomatoes over the weekend (THANK YOU!) my mom went to the farmers market and added even more to the pile not to mention my own plants given to me by my friend Jenny which yielded several plump ripe tomatoes ready to be used. So many options…

Sauce, salsa, freeze them, can them ( okay not really an option because I am terrified of killing someone, mostly myself!) , or cook them?

I decided to make something using what I had on hand in the kitchen, because I love, love, love cooking like that! What I ended up with was really tasty. So I thought I would share.


Some of the beautiful tomatoes.....

Some of the beautiful tomatoes…..


I sliced them and put them in a big clean kitchen towel with a pan of water on top to release some of the liquid. I then repeated the process using paper towels as there was not nearly as much liquid the second time.

I had thawed some phyllo pastry I had in the freezer and laid several sheets on the bottom of a round baking pan that I rubbed with a bit of olive oil. I layered the tomatoes with a good grind of course sea salt and pepper, about a tsp of garlic powder and a tbs or so of dried shallots. I then grated about a third of a cup of smoked swiss cheese on top. You could use any combo of veggies, herbs, and cheeses you like. I thought a honey infused goat cheese would be nice but I did not have any goat cheese on hand.


Layered all the sliced tomatoes, I saved the cherry ones for the next layer.....

Layered all the sliced tomatoes, I saved the cherry ones for the next layer…..


Threw in some well chopped fennel fronds (tops)  I had,  then took the vegetable peeler and peeled two small zucchinis on the next layer, a little more cheese then I cut the heirloom cherry tomatoes in half and put them on top…..


It was looking very pretty at this point....

It was looking very pretty at this point….


I gave that layer another good grind of salt and pepper with my mill and topped the whole good looking mess with more phyllo dough then brushed the top with a good quality greek olive oil.


Now it was ready to go into a 375 degree oven for about 40-45 minuets.

Now it was ready to go into a 375 degree oven for about 40-45 minuets.


Keep an eye on it but once the top starts to brown and get golden you are pretty much there. I let mine sit for about 15 minuets before cutting into it….



This turned out really good….better than I thought and you can use any combination of veggies and cheese or just veggies you want and I think you will love the outcome. I have to say I am currently not missing meat in the least little bit!



I enjoyed this for lunch today with a little lemon infused yogurt on top….. this is where the good stuff lives! Enjoy!







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