For the love of dog.

They arrive at shelters not knowing what is next for them, not understanding what has happened or why their world is no longer what they have known it to be… and that is for the dogs that once had loving homes. For others they are free from abuse,  torture, neglect, chains, kicks, cigarettes and the fear of being alive. Some may think I am exaggerating but I have held a 65lb shaking dog in my arms terrified of simply being touched, as I carried him outside to feel the sun on his body, unable to control his bladder of bowels I become covered in his fear. I will never understand what was done to Tristan, what he suffered through or why he is able to trust at all again, but I am forever grateful that Recycled Doggies saved Tristan. When a gray urine soaked, fur matted dog was found tied to a tree with a fish hook embedded in her leg, Recycled Doggies did not turn her away, they saved her and as the universe would have it, they saved her for me. Maggie would become the first dog I adopted from Recycled Doggies and opened my eyes to the world of dog rescue.

Recycled Doggies sees beyond the emaciated and matted bodies of the dogs they save. Unadoptable, unworthy of a second chance and too sick are not words in their vocabulary and they take in the dogs left behind, sometimes just to show a dog that all humans are not bad, that someone cares and they will not suffer alone in their last months, days, or hours. The blind, the deaf, three legs, mange, old, broken this, cracked that…. it is not a deal breaker in the work they do to save dogs from death row. Selfless in their mission, acting without judgement or ridicule for the dogs that are not perfect as defined by society and always fighting for those dogs that long to be given a second chance at the life they deserve.

This is what motivates me, and I hope I can motivate you to join me in making a difference.

I have signed up to do the Paw Joggers Rescue Run on October 20th! I am going to walk this one and I am inviting you all to walk with me as part of the “Tristan’s Trooper” team! There is also a 2K walk if your not quite up for the 5K, both are  in beautiful Sharon Woods!  Simply sign up here. Paw Joggers is a wonderful advocate for our local rescues and do so much for the community! Please send me an e-mail at  or leave a message on the dog-lbs Facebook page here and let me know you are going to join us for the walk, and I will send you details! If you are not local or unable to join us on October 20th but would like to sponsor those who are walking by a donation to Recycled Doggies please use the paypal link below and mention in the comment field that your gift is to sponsor the walk.



I can’t think of a better way to spend a fall morning than walking with fellow animal lovers, raising money for Recycled Doggies to be able to make a difference in so many lives both canine and human!




Maggie, stop grooming yourself, smile and look cute for the camera! Mom is trying to get people to do the Paw Joggers Walk with her! Thank you everyone! <3 Tristan…and Maggie too!


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