C’est Cheese

Well I have to say that as I reflect on this month of not eating meat, I can’t really say it was hard and I don’t know that I craved anything to the point that it was an issue, of course I was not hanging out at Eli’s BBQ! I had some pretty amazing dishes that I cooked at home and also great offerings when I was out with friends, so many dishes I ordered didn’t make me feel anything other than thinking “I am so glad I ordered this!” and I would consider that a success.  Jonsey and I have been working on a project that focuses on celebrating eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains. We started a potluck dinner club of sorts and we had our second outing yesterday which was a huge success! An amazing group of people from all walks of life, encompassing all different levels of what and how they eat, all gathered together sharing experiences, ideas, friendship and food. It was amazing and at one point I found myself  thinking about what shape my life and body were in 15 years ago and it seemed surreal to be sitting there in the moment. Even though I was still the biggest person in the room, what was different is that I felt like I really belonged, and that feeling was not about the other people in the room, that feeling came from inside me.


veg bounty

The Spread.

veg plate

My plate which included kale and sweet potato salad, white bean dip, beet slaw, mediterranean cous cous, nan, and edamame guacamole….


At the end of our meal some folks shared thoughts on small chalk boards…..


How amazing is that!

Needless to say I was happy that when I stepped on the scale this morning to see 4 more pounds had gone down in the digits. I am currently at 316 and I am hoping that at the end of October I am under 300 again. I am working hard, and I think this month is going to teach me a lot about my own misconceptions of what it means to eat Vegan. No meat, no cheese, no butter, no cheese, no eggs, no cheese, no milk, ….did I mention I am not eating cheese. (Kidding, though I do love cheese)  I am looking forward to being creative and exploring new ways to create dishes and think outside the pot so to speak. I did a big grocery shop and loaded up on tons of veggies, brown rice, quinoa, oats, maple syrup, coconut cream (which I will use in my coffee!) almond milk, cashews, vegan chocolate chips ( I know, neither did I!) and sent my mom any and all dairy I still had in the house.

Here we go……



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  1. chris baer says:

    Well done! For about 7 months I was a vegan after eating everything for 60 years! My most fabulous daughter in law Megan gave me a couple of websites that we use to this day! The Daily Garnish and Oh She Glows are wonderful. Juicing too. Have included cheese, eggs and fish to my diet but we mostly eat plants. Watching Forks over Knives helps! Made the most amazing carrot/beet slaw with raisons, pistachios, mint and parsley-Epicurious

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