Oh, honey.

In my codeine cough syrup induced haze with the Lumineers  singing my song of stubborn love the wadded up tissues are strewn around me. The cough drops tucked away safely hidden from my curious dogs as I am wrapped up in my favorite fleece blanket stolen from the south which I drag out from time to time, and my holey, too big, worn thin blue “Life is Good” baseball t-shirt under my grey Cincinnati Pet Food Panty hoodie everything smells like Vick’s Vapor Rub. Ahhhhhh the smell of death by mucus- a -icious  congestion. Surrounding myself with things of comfort makes the suckiness of living alone when you’re sick a little bit better. Enough whining……

Forgive the delay in writing about the Paw Joggers Rescue Run, I promise I will update you soon and make a pretty big announcement about an upcoming adventure.

I resisted the urge to strain a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup leaving behind the mushy noodles and bits of textured chicken loaf behind but drinking the salty delicious broth (at least it’s delicious when you can’t taste anything). I resisted that temptation only to realize I had been sucking down honey left and right the last few days. Straight off the spoon, drizzled on a banana and in a toddy with bourbon, orange peel and vanilla bean. Honey is not known to be part of a vegan diet as it is a product of a living thing and does not follow the mentality of  eating a plant based diet. It was an honest mistake and I decided after being 23 days into this challenge a little honey is not going to stop me. Agave in my future hot toddy’s and with any luck this sickness will be gone in a few days. Look for a longer blog post soon catching you up on my non honey vegan eating and other yammering thoughts.

I will leave you with something sweeter than honey! Below are a few picks of my newest foster dog….. Barbara Mandrell. She is about 8 weeks old and so snugly sweet and soft!

Stay well everyone! xx


Being a very good girl at her vet checkup!

Being a very good girl at her vet checkup!







A little snuggle from a puppy is just what the Dr. ordered!


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