Half full of it….

Today is important to me for two reasons, the first is that it is my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 98 years old, and there are days I struggle to remember the details, and other days the details are flood waters that run and rise washing over me with wild abandon. He was 56 when I was born and, he would enter a nursing care facility when I was in my early 20’s for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. I wish I would have known then how the time would tick by on the lighting fast train of a stopwatch, his life over before I really understood what it was he was living with and struggling through. I loved him very much, and two years ago to honor his birthday (read that blog post here) I officially adopted Tristan the abused and tortured dog who would become the reason for me to find a way out of my darkness, a reason not to give up on myself and to make it my mission for him to understand love in the simplest of terms. Together Tristan and I have both come far in facing the fears that paralyzed us and left us trapped in places neither of us belonged.

It seems the perfect time to announce that on November 1st I will begin training for the 2014 Flying Pig Half Marathon. I am training to walk it, and any running that happens during the course will be a little icing on the cake so to speak. Lindsey is on board to help train me from Tennessee, and make the trip to do the race in May along with some tried and true friends that I think we join me on this adventure, or at least  I am hoping they will! I’ll train through the winter and of course blog about the ups and downs and everything in between. If you had said to me two years ago that I would complete a 5k, then a 10k the next year and begin to train for a half marathon, I probably wouldn’t even have listened. I have spent the past several months learning about food, about what it means to nourish my body and now I am ready to put that knowledge together with some intense training.

Of course it’s all in an effort to raise money for the death row dogs, so start saving now cause I am totally pumped up about this challenge!  xx


He taught me so many things that I have never forgotten. I am grateful to have the memories.

He taught me so many things that I have never forgotten. I am grateful to have the memories. (My dad teaching me to clap!)





My beautiful boy, Tristan. He inspires me everyday and helps me to be brave in conquering my fears.


“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then leap in the dark to our success.”

― Thoreau






  1. dogl2324 says:

    Lol, Well I meant it more as a take on glass half full and half marathon, but we all know that sometimes I am full of it! 😉 I would love to have your help and expertise in helping with some pointers on training and joining in on some walks! Thank you for always being a powerhouse of support Jb! xo

  2. Jb says:

    Hey Lori. I liked this post, just want to say that you are NOT full of it, half way or otherwise! Nice tribute to your dad, and I know he’d be proud of you for doing the half pig. I will definitely see you there and it will be the highlight of my day. I look forward to reading about your training and I know it will inspire me. Keep up the great stuff and I am always happy to join you and your pace group for a training walk if you will have me!

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