162 days to go….

I officially kicked off training for the half marathon this week, which happens in 162 days from now! (yes, that is my frantic internal potty mouth you faintly hear cussing at the mere though of it!) 162 days might as well be two weeks from yesterday! Time for a plan….  Lindsey and I had a good long chat about what she expects and what I need to do going forward. She is so smart and she knows me reaaallly well, well enough to squish any ideas of me saying I will get to the gym 5 times a week during the holiday season which is crazy busy for me (and yes everyone else in the world)! We decided on three times a week until after the New Year, two of those will be straight cardio (walking and running) then one day a week will be strength training with a bit of cardio mixed in which will be something other than walking or running so biking, elliptical, or swimming is what I will probably choose. Then if I do any extra stuff like yoga, or  the boxing club class Jess got passes for that we are going to give a whirl after Thanksgiving it’s just a fun calorie burning bonus!

I will touch base with Lindsey in Knoxville throughout the week and then on Sunday nights I will send her a spreadsheet of everything I did during my workouts that week and it will include food/calorie intake (YIKES!) we are shooting for 1800 calories a day. I am ready to get the rest of this weight off, and that is a healthy caloric intake. The spreadsheet will be totally honest, the thing about Linds is the brilliant balance of accountability and friendship with someone who does not put up with my excuses, or whining and someone I trust so much it’s impossible for me to lie find a way to alter the information when I fall short or make bad choices. She  knows, I don’t know how she knows but the girl has a weird gift for wacky fitness ESP.

Jessica and Jonesy are awesome about supporting me and always offer to come to the gym or yoga class when our schedules can make it work, and I am so thankful for their “can do”attitude that never changes. The hardest part is always getting started and that is behind me after going to the gym Tuesday for a 3.0 mile walk/run with Jess. I have a stubborn love for myself these days, pushing myself to keep going, keep changing, and learning even when I am not sure what it all means but refusing to doubt the questions when I am unsure. I will be blogging as I train and as I work with Tristan on walking and eventually running beside me which is the pulse that beats strong leading me forward…. there is no going back for either of us.








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  1. You inspire me every day, my friend!

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