A one night stand.

My weekends rarely go as planned, hell my life rarely goes as planned but I am a little bit grateful for that sometimes.

It was the weekend of our gala event at the opera, so Saturday was spent getting dolled up to go work a fabulous event and in the end being reminded that I work with crazy awesome group of people that can make doing end of night clean up till 1:00am feel like a party, despite my throbbing feet that has other opinions on the matter. I received the text early Saturday asking if I could take a foster dog for the night on Sunday. Now I am not someone that advocates one night stands but looking at the mangy sweet face of a beagle puppy that popped up on my phone and I was done, not to mention poor guy has an bum paw as if I needed any other reason to totally say YES, I would take him for the night.

I picked him up this morning and that small picture on my phone did not quite capture the sweet spirit of this lil guy, and I am not sure I really noticed his missing blotched hair and patches of bald until much later. I did noticed his paw, he held it up gingerly as I gently put him in his crate for the ride home, he was snoring before I even hit the highway. I want to believe he instantly knew he was safe, but I have a feeling he was simply exhausted from his journey to that particular moment in time.


Sweet boy....

Sweet boy….


Tristan just about wiggled out of his skin. For all the fear, the suffering, the abuse, his past holds no power over him in the moments when these foster puppies bust through his walls. He is defenseless and the dog that emerges leaves me mesmerized. He becomes king of his world and he boldly and bravely shouts it from the mountaintops (or arm of the couch)……


Helloooo puppy!

Helloooo puppy!


I got our guest settled in the playpen I often use for puppies but he cried out like only a beagle can! I picked the lil guy up and held him close, and kissed his sweet head. He required nothing but my lap and sat quietly with me for a few hours, I did some writing on my computer, then watched a couple episodes of my new TV addiction “Lost Girl”, as he perked his little head up focused intently as if he knew that Lauren and Bo surely belonged together, clearly choosing team Lauren.


Totally engaged with Lost Girl.

Totally engaged watching Lost Girl.


I have one job in the short time I have this little guy and that is to make him feel safe and loved. He goes to the vet in the morning to start healing and begin the process to find his forever family. When I look at him, I don’t see the mange, or the bald spots, I see a tender hearted dog who speaks with his soulful eyes, and somehow¬† trusts me without condition. There is nothing more beautiful than that…..





I have warned my boys that this is not a several week or longer stay like most foster dogs, but just a rest stop on his journey, they both looked at me with such shock and awe, oh the horror of it all!



What do you mean ONE NIGHT?

Love em while you got em boys, that is what we do when we foster. Hopefully this little guy felt the love from all of us during his stop at our place! Tomorrow a new adventure begins…….





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