Training is well underway and I am feeling good. I put in three workouts last week and got through Thanksgiving unscathed, while a bit indulgent I felt good at the end of a wonderful day celebrating with dinner at my place for Mom, Melinda and Bob, plus the crew of dogs, including Mel and Bob’s sweet boy Toby! No turkey for us but we did have meat, it was a local farmed grass fed tenderloin of beef slow roasted with tarragon served with a basil/parmesan aioli , along side we had root veggies, and my mom’s amazing stuffing, cranberry relish made with vanilla bean, honey crisp apples and saigon cinnamon, also mashed yukon/cauliflower with goat cheese and caramelized onions folded in. Melinda made an awesome oatmeal apple crisp for dessert and I whipped up some salted caramel to finish off the plate, along with good coffee it was the perfect dessert.



What do you mean exactly when you say "no turkey"?

What do you mean exactly when you say “no turkey”?


Toby says, "No turkey then I am taking a nap!"

Toby says, “No turkey then I am taking a nap!”




but there was this......

but there was this……


These people enjoyed....

These people enjoyed….




...enjoyed this food.

… this food.


I enjoyed it too, and again the next day. The problem with being a decent cook is that after I woke up and went for my 3 mile walk/run in the cold I came back ravenous, like I had not eaten in a week let alone a big meal the night before. I made crispy potato pancakes from the leftovers, poached eggs over a toasted slab of stuffing (WHAT?!) and a few slices of the beef tenderloin and a drizzle of basil aioli…oh, and it was delicious,! About half way through my plate I caught a refection of myself on the tv screen that was turned off because apparently I could not be distracted while I was inhaling my food. Ohhhhh Nooooo. NO! No, no, no.  Thanksgiving is a day, NOT an Olympic sport that I am in training for and it’s certainly not creeping back into a binge eating psychosis. Newsflash, I can’t be trusted with leftovers!  I swallowed what was in my mouth, went to the kitchen and cleared my plate off in the sink. I went straight to the fridge and made two plates up with all the leftovers and called my mom to tell her there were two plates for her to enjoy and to take them home when she came over to let the dogs out. I returned from my errands later that day and they fridge was cleared of them. Whew.

I am thankful for my family, my friends and for reflections halting close call leftover disasters!

I spent the day cooking healthy food for the week! Simple baked chicken, vegetable hash with rosemary and oatmeal muffiny things with flax/chai seed, dark chocolate chips, walnuts, and maple syrup…. a little something healthy to ward off my sweet tooth teeth… all my teeth seem to be sweet teeth…. a tooth would be a welcome thing.




Ready for the week!



I hope everyone had a great holiday. Looking forward to the week ahead!







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