I have a proposition for you…

I have heard those words before.

Standing in a Petsmart on a cold Saturday morning three years ago, Lindsey would ask me if I would be willing to let her train me and before I knew it I was running around a gym with 20lb weights above my head and left forever cussing that thing they call a “burpee”.  It forever changed my life.

Nikki called me this afternoon and uttered those same words. The offer was made to run as part of a relay team in the Knoxville marathon at the end of March. My initial reaction inside my head was one of, “YES, that will be so much fun!” Then I thought “Who am I?”, in what far fetched world could I have ever imagined this would be something I could even be capable of trying 3 years ago, 10 years ago, or 300lbs ago. Of course I immediately called Lindsey in Tennessee and she could not have said “yes!” any faster, so along with Lora and Michael we have our relay team in place. Nikki will run the full marathon with our other friend Michael, then we will all meet up at the end to celebrate…or rub each other down with icy hot and have a beer. Either way victory shall be ours!

I did not plan to work out tonight, I didn’t even have clothes with me, I feverishly ransacked the back of my car till I found a balled up  Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry t-shirt and my old running shoes. There I stood at the entrance of the park with my black pin stripped dress pants, wrinkled t-shirt and old running shoes sporting black dress socks and I ran.  I ran a little over mile and stopped only once to walk for a few moments as I watched the river’s swift current and the dancing lights of the city before me,  a thought drifted into my mind and before I could fully register it completely I tasted the salt of my tears that had ran down my lips.  The thought was this… “It’s good to be me”….and for the first time in a very, very long time I honestly meant it.

I am so thankful to have this life, and all the people in it who push me, love me and in the end stand by me even when I get caught in the confusing cornfield maze of my world tying to figure it all out. Sometimes the very best things come out of nowhere and lead you where you need to be next.

On March 30th in I will be doing the first leg of the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, then about a month later I will be doing the Flying Pig Half Marathon on May 4th…


Let the sweating begin people!





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  1. Michele Hays says:

    You go girl! Proud of you – and you’re totally right: it IS good to be you!

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