A bit of fit.

I am not a gadget person for the most part, I don’t have an ipad, nook, PS4, or a fancy flatscreen TV that turns your lights on, bakes a cake and tucks you in at night all while recording your favorite sitcom. I am adamantly opposed to anything “gadgety” in the kitchen that can be done by hand or with a knife.  Contraptions made for tasks that will inevitable create a hot mess of whatever it is that’s suppose to be make easier generally do not appeal to me.

It is a new year, and I am all about change these days so for Christmas I bought myself a “fitbit”, I texted Lindsey to see what she thought of them and her response was “what the heck is a fitbit?” I am pretty sure she thought it was something for me to try to get out of running, but it is in fact something to help me with my fitness goals.

There are several models ones that clip, one that is a watch but I went with the simple wristband that tracks steps, calories burned, distance and even how well I am sleeping. I log my food intake and it gives me a good idea of calories burned so I can see what is working on the scale. Today was my first day of really using it to it’s full potential and I have to say I really like it. I used it during my workout yesterday at the gym but was downright offended when I got home after doing a 3.5 mile run/walk on the treadmill and it only registered a little over 2 miles! I thought great I have the one that is defective, broken or botched AND trying to jip me out of 1.5 miles! I researched it and apparently you have to keep your arms moving….like really moving,…like a mall walker! I took a 4.5 mile walk this morning with my arms flailing like nobody’s business and it tracked the miles perfectly. I figure looking like a mall walker will burn more calories anyway.

I have to say, there is accountability kinda built in as you set your goals for the week. It’s not exactly like having Lindsey giving me the crook eye when I am slacking but it can be a good tool IF I use it. Sooo my next challenge is to use my fitbit and track my food, activity, distance until the Flying Pig Half Marathon in May.

If you see a crazy mall walker but you are not at the mall it’s probably me….honk and give me the thumbs up as you roll on by!




In the end what I must remind myself each day, before each workout, after each setback along the way is that only I am capable of moving myself forward. It is not always easy, not always fun but in the end it will always be worth it…. because I am worth it, even when I think I am not and especially when I stumble and fall.



Giving up has stopped being an option for me.

Giving up has stopped being an option for me.







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