Eyeballing it.

One week down of using my fit bit, and tracking my food intake. I have walked over 60,000 steps this week and each night I log my food and send the info to Lindsey so we can measure my caloric intake and compare it to the calories I am burning. I am simply just making good choices and eating “real food” and when I indulge it’s in moderation. I have been adamant about measuring my food. Yes, it’s a complete pain in the ass, but you get used to it. There is no other way, because MY minds eye of “2 tbsp” of peanut butter is actually closer to 1/4 of a cup. Here are some of the things I concocted throughout the week…


Crispy tofu with garlic green beans and a spicy peanut sauce. Easy, easy, easy.

Crispy tofu with garlic green beans and a spicy peanut sauce. Easy, easy, easy.



Shrimp and kale omelet. Breakfast for dinner is the best!

Shrimp and kale omelet. Breakfast for dinner is the best!




Two eggs mashed with 1 tsp of Hellman’s Mayo (yes I measured!) and a tbs of good quality dijon mustard and then edamame added in the mix, because I had some on hand. It was so good! Definitely making this again.

I am trying hard to eat very little refined sugar, but I am also not willing to give up having something during the week especially in the evenings when I want something for “dessert”. My fitness pal will let you plug in your ingredients when you make something and how many portions and it will give you the nutritional information. It’s very cool. I made mini muffins. They had shredded carrot, oats, very ripe bananas, walnuts, currants, vanilla, cinnamon, whole wheat flour, and just 1/3 cup of maple syrup for the dozen. The calories came out to 166 each!

Perfect size.

Perfect size.

Now on Wednesday I came home from working out with Jess, had a healthy dinner and wanted something sweet. I have found that marshmallows toasted over the flame on my stove make the perfect decadent “icing” like addition for just 22 calories each. I try to buy the ones made with the least amount of ingredients and I know they are not exactly healthy but they are better than a donut…. or six.


Totally satisfying fort 210 calories, not to mention healthy!



I have so much to work hard for in the coming months. One of them being a very special wedding in April. I have the honor of being in my dear friend Amy’s wedding as a bridesmaid. It wouldn’t matter to her if I was 500lbs or 150lbs she has loved me unconditionally through it all, and that fact is what motivates me to look and feel my very best for her big day. It’s about deconstructing the remaining fear and shame I still carry. For an obese person there is nothing more terrifying than having all eyes on you, being frozen in moments were judgement prances all around you, but only if you let it in. I am excited to do my best in the next several months and hold my head up high as I walk down the aisle on Amy’s special day, very blessed to be a part of this new beginning for her.


Time to get moving…. have a great weekend everyone!





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