And they call it puppy love…

I don’t know when the abuse started for Tristan. His past is as much of a mystery to me as the fear he still struggles to conquer. I often wonder what his life was like as a puppy, if the abuse happened from the moment he was brought into the world or if instead his nightmare slowly became his reality one awful act at a time. I try to focus on the here and now with him, doing my very best to show  him every day that my unconditional love for him will ultimately win over his painful past in every single battle we fight together.

He fell fast and furious for my newest foster “Tootie”, she came into our home with one floppy ear, a powerhouse of energy and a great big love for Tristan.



Ms. Tootie!

After the quarantine period and much anticipation Tristan could finally meet this sweet lil puppy….

Not a moment too soon!

Not a moment too soon!


When I first met Tristan he was completely shut down, humanity had betrayed him and his spirit was completely broken. After weeks of sitting in silence his palatable heartbreaking fear the only other thing in the room with us, I questioned if he would ever trust enough to love or be loved. Little did I know the power of what was safely tucked away inside this sweet boy, oh the love he has for these puppies! He transforms into a totally different dog, his worry and fear no where in sight as he becomes a bit of a puppy himself and while I foster for many reasons there is no doubt one of them is to give Tristan the joy that he gets from opening our home to these puppies who are just stopping by on their road to finding forever families of their very own.


Here is a glimpse of what fostering means for an abused dog who has come so far…..



On Saturday morning before I left to take Tootie to her first adoption event where she would likely find her forever home, Tristan snuggled with her on the couch as if he knew his work was done, and it was time to let this little girl move on.


Can you tell me again about getting a family of my very own....

Can you tell me again about getting a family of my very own….



I went to the adoption event where I would find a set of puppies my friend Pam is fostering for Recycled Doggies. She is amazing, opening her home to pregnant dogs pulled from death row and helping the mamas give birth and caring for the whole gang until they are adopted,  I am in awe of her over and over again. This particular litter  would have one lil pup who stopped me in my tracks, who gave me the opportunity for just a moment to imagine what Tristan might have looked like as a puppy. Holding this little guy with his innocent eyes and vulnerable sweet spirit I thought of Tristan and  inhaled the intoxicating  puppy breath,  kissing his soft fuzzy head and telling him just how much he was loved.


Stealing a cuddle with Nelson!

Stealing a cuddle with Nelson!


Sometimes it feels like the battle of dog rescue can’t be won, there are so many dogs to help, so many who needlessly die and so much evil in the world, but today I am reminded that we fight on, and we do it one dog at a time. If you would like to help death row shelter dogs consider a donation to Recycled Doggies and help them give dogs like Tootie, Nelson and Tristan a loving forever home.


Lori & Tristan









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