The fly by…day three.

Dear Universe,

When I wrote at the end of yesterday’s blog post that I “welcome the challenges of tomorrow”, it was not a dare.





I could sugar coat it for you, but I won’t( because I am cutting way back on sugar) and because it’s just life, sometimes your day just sucks, or part of your day sucks.  The early part of my day sucked. After a round of “he said, she said” this morning,  I found out who had my back and who didn’t. It was a bit of a surprise who appeared in the on-deck circle for me and who tossed me out at the plate. Good thing the day got much better in the afternoon and ended with me watching a dress rehearsal of an opera called “Silent Night”, very powerful and beautifully  haunting story based on the true events  of WWI when French, Scottish and German officers negotiate a truce on Christmas eve. Powerful stuff.

The better news is that I didn’t make bad choices. I ate my healthy lunch and snacks I brought with me, and even though pasta in cream sauce was an option for dinner, I stuck with a berry salad, grilled chicken and fruit. That is something I am proud of, so I write this tonight after a 14 hour day saying day three is definitely a success.

The best news is that my gym bag is already packed for a morning stop for a few miles on the treadmill. Not the most life changing post in the world but an important one cause it honors my word. Your word means something when you give, when you stand by it, and especially when you break it.

I am afraid to even say it but I will anyway… I welcome the challenges of tomorrow. (Hey universe, lets call a truce!)






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  1. Lillian says:

    So many times a day has to be salvaged after a bad start. Glad you were able to do this.

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