The fly by…day four.

My alarm went off at 6:30am, and I thought about the gym, the treadmill and “ugh” was my first thought. As I drug myself down the stairs and out the back door with the dogs. I satĀ  down on the bottom step of the stairs sipping hot coffee and scratching Tristan’ s ears and he looked at me with his inquisitive eyes. I looked at him asked myself this , “if you could do anything active today what would it be” with no hesitation “bike ride” flew into my head. So I made a deal with myself in front of Tristan (just to keep me honest)… if I took my bike with me to work then I could ride after work at least 8 milesĀ  and pass the treadmill and gym this morning.

It was a perfect plan. I added my padded bike shorts to my gym bag, got ready for work and headed out the door. I went out to the garage and saw my bike rack starring at me. Ohhh, right I have to actually put my bike rack on the car, so I got my tools and set up the bike rack, loaded my bike, loaded my bags and myself into the car and off I went to work. This was maybe not the best thought out plan, I found parking on a side street by Music Hall and rode my bike (in my dress clothes) down the street, managed to get my bike into my office, which looked a little something like this.


I only knocked it over once!

I only knocked it over once! ( and yes my desk is a mess!)


The day went fairly well, again I did a good job of eating what I brought, nothing else. After work I headed out on my ride. It was beautiful out, I rode along the river did a mile loop three times in Friendship Park then rode down past the ballpark and back for another 5 miles. Passed dogs, people, riverboats and was happy listening to my music in my own little world. You don’t get this kinda view from the treadmill…..


I did almost plow into a giant flower pot taking this picture...but it was worth it.

I did almost plow into a giant flower pot taking this picture…but it was worth it.

I stopped to tie my shoe at one point when it was starting to come undone and thought about what I had learned today. Nothing is going to be enjoyed if you dread it, and while sometimes I love going to the gym, love being on the treadmill or lifting, other times it is more of a chore. It’s okay to want to pick something else, but the key is to picking something else not using it as an excuse to do nothing. I think that is true in every aspect of life. It helps me have some clarity as I think about what I might want to do next in my life.




I think I saw Jesus in the clouds, or Johnny Cash, come to think of it I think I see a bit of everyone in the clouds.









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  1. Lillian says:

    I’m glad you made the right choice and it worked out well for you.

    Jesus – Johnny Cash – I could see there would be a resemblance in clouds.

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