The fly by…day six.

It was an indulgent day for sure. Work was a little less crazy because we did not have a performance tonight, so I took this opportunity to do something very indulgent at lunchtime. Most of the time I don’t even take a break during the season months from May-July of course I can if I need to and today I needed the break. So at 11:45am I meandered out of my office and drove to Douglas for a haircut rendezvous…a “nooner” if you will!

Bit of a scalp massage, fresh cut and I felt like a new woman. After work I headed up to the local art house movie theater to catch the film Obvious Child, with my friend Steph who understood I might fall asleep at any time during the movie as I am kinda running on fumes at this point. Good conversation will keep you awake every time! (no, not during the movie!)

After the movie we walked over to one of the most indulgent places you will find around here, Graeter’s . I am not lying when I say the butterfat is so high in their ice cream you could use it to grease up a squeaky garage door and lather onΒ  the rest as lip balm. Of course the stuff is wickedly good. We walked in and it was as if the Archangel Gabriel appeared to before me pointing to this sign…




A LITTLE LESS INDULGENT! what the heck is that about? I was prepared to get Sorbet, but I had to ask when I got to the counter and the nice lady said it was 50% less sugar and 25% less fat and calories that the regular ice cream. I asked it if had fake sweetners in it (which is something I avoid at all costs) she said it was sweetened with mung bean syrup.


Mung bean is dang tasty!

Mung bean is dang tasty!



Now I don’t really know what the hell that is, but I was willing to try it as this point. I had one scoop of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean ice cream. It was delicious, mung bits and all! Steph had her chocolate mint Gelato but I made her try mine and I think she liked it or else she was just being reeaallly polite! We walked across the street where to stumbled onto a great band that happened to be playing outside turns out they are called Vanilla Sake and they were pretty awesome, check them out! As I sat there listening to music, eating my ice cream on a perfect summer night with great company this was an indulgence I don’t feel one bit guilty about.




Just a note about tomorrow, I will not be getting home from work till well after midnight but I will do my very best to post something!



  1. Cherie C says:

    Mung bits…lol.

  2. Lillian says:

    What a great day – haircut break and then a movie, ice cream, and band music with a good friend.

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