The fly by…day eight.

Well 7:00am came around pretty early this morning, but there was no time to sleep in or lollygag around I had big plans this morning. No matter how tired I am, no matter my mood, there is one thing I am always up for, and that is cooking for people. My great love affair with cooking started when I was pretty young, my mom and dad always let me help in the kitchen, explaining things and always encouraging me to participate. I would say it pretty much paid off for them with the exception of a birthday cake I made for my dad when I was 8 and used granular sugar instead of powdered sugar in the chocolate icing. “Wow, it’s crunchy icing!” declared my Dad, never discouraging or judgmental and to be honest it may have well been his favorite cake ever!

I have worked in a few professional kitchens, and still take small catering jobs when I can. There have been several times when I have thought about opening  a restaurant through the years, to be honest in the back of my mind lurked the fear of being pulled down to a dark place by willingly stepping into a dance with my own personal demon. Food became a crutch, a comfort, my very best friend and the worst of enemies for me, how could I ever walk into something like that? The answer would come to me via two friends, who like everyone else important in my life just kinda popped up waiting to reveal what stretch of my life’s road they are meant to walk.

Lindsey and Joel are the kind of people that you’re pretty sure are family, though there is no formal documentation declaring such a relationship exists. We met in the arts world, several years ago and have always stayed in touch, doing different projects, meeting at the gym and giving support when needed. They inspire me in their commitment to living a life filled with joy and appreciation for all, not to harm animals, and to respect and care for their environment, community and the world around them. There is never a time after being around them when I don’t feel like a million bucks. They are opening a restaurant and wellness center, and have asked me to be a part of it. It is a passionate dream of theirs, one that I whole heatedly share.

This morning we held a brunch for about 15 people and with the help of some very cool folks (yes Elise and Liz that would be you) We put out some rocking good food. Everyone gathered outside, sharing in stories and conversation, the food was cooked, plated and served. In the middle of the organized chaos of plating and making sure everything was perfect, I stopped for just a beat to remind myself how incredibly happy doing this dance makes me. I had worked about 63 hours this week, gotten in last night past 1:00am and actually feel asleep close to 3:00am, running on about 4 hours of sleep and it just didn’t matter. This, this mattered more…


The table was set for folks to gather around.

The table was set for folks to gather around.





The plating began...

The plating began…





The finished meal.

Biscuits and wild mushroom gravy, vegetable scramble  and roasted potatoes were served, then we finished with a deconstructed strawberry pie. The meal was completely plant based, focusing on fresh, local ingredients and prepared by hands working  together in the kitchen with lots of laughter, joking and kindness even when things didn’t go perfectly.  It’s the way I want to cook, eat and nourish others with the hope that it makes a small difference in their lives.

Check out more about Nourish Cincinnati HERE.

I am looking forward to having a place to sit at this table.

“My plan was earnest but highly unlikely. I lovingly refer to it now as my ‘great absurdity.’ We should all have one or two of those in our lives–a hope so extravagant it seems foolish and implausible.”-Sue Monk Kidd    (Thank you SEB)





  1. anna nielsen says:

    This is awesome Lori……with all the wonderful friends that surround you and encourage you to take chances, challenges in life you will always be a success story. I wish you and all the ones involved in this adventure the best of luck and happiness. Congrat’s to all of you, wishing I live a lot closer so I could drop in and experience the soulful morsels you speak of. 🙂

    • dogl2324 says:

      Aw Anna as always I thank you for the encouragement and kind words! If we were a bit closer I would gladly whip up a meal to share! xx

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