The fly by…day seven.

I left my house to to go work at 11:00am.

I just got home at 1:00am.

I am exhausted.


I did not succumb to the food trucks that were parked out front of work, with their come hither looks promising cheesy grilled goodness, or Koren BBQ euphoria or salted caramel gelato happy ever afters. I ate what I packed and the only addition to that was some white cheddar pimento cheese  and crackers from a very nice patron  who bring us a care package from this wonderful place in Louisville, Kentucky. He knows I am working on being healthy so it’s a basket with an assortment of awesome fruits and nuts, grain cracker and cheese. It was such a lifesaver on a very long day! We will all share in the bounty of the basket and each year I am in awe of his kindness.


One week down!


That is all I got folks. Tomorrow will be a much more exciting post, but I promised I would post and so I have! 😉 Goodnight!



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  1. Lillian says:

    Glad to hear that you endured that very long, tiring day.

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