The fly by…day ten.

This is the Good and Bad list for Tuesday 7/15/14


Good: Tristan was full of kisses this morning, I always get a few but this morning he was like Richard Dawson on the old Family Feud TV show, it was adorable. Let’s see, oh Lauren had on the coolest pants ever, they were like tangerine colored, few can rock those kind of saucy britches, one of them happens to be my twin. I got a surprise bag of goodies from my friend Julia which was very sweet! Then a late morning phone call from Lindsey in Knoxville, she has been  on vacation so we had not talked in a few weeks. Apparently she went away on vacation and didn’t take me with her (rude!) Finally long overdue I was able to share a meal with Bob and Mel! I had to be at a dress rehearsal tonight but we managed to get dinner in after work at one of my favorite places for fresh seafood, with some of my favorite family!

Bad: Went to the doctor because I had been putting off a pain in my right heel for about 10 days. Going up and down stairs was getting to be awful. After some tests and xrays this morning I am the proud owner of a torn Achilles tendon and I am  in a boot for 4 weeks.


Now earlier I was freaking out but clearly the good things in my life outweigh the bad things. No foot in a boot is going to stop me, it will slow me down cause those suckers are kinda hard to walk in BUT  I can still lift weights, I can still do ab work outs and upper body strengthening,  a little bit of swimming and also yard work. I Keep reminding myself of all things I can do that don’t involve sitting. Sitting is not an option.




“Never, never, never give up.”

Winston Churchill





  1. Lillian says:

    Sorry about the boot. I’ve never worn one, but they look so uncomfortable and awkward to manage.

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