The fly by…day eleven.

Day two of the boot, and let me tell you no love has been lost between us today. I almost stepped on the cat’s tail this morning and with that sucker on and poor Chance probably would never have come out of his secret hiding place, it’s actually not so secret he likes to burrow in the dirty laundry. Hey, I know, not the place I would choose to take a snooze either but we are a non judgmental household. The boot and I are trying to understand each other, we will see how tomorrow goes but right now I have classified it as a necessary pain in ass. Maybe I should name the boot? Thoughts?

In eleven days I have not had any crap to eat, I have not eaten out of stress nor have I visited a drive though with the exception of getting coffee. Tonight on my way home I wanted a milkshake, and I can’t tell you the last time I actually had a real milkshake, it’s been awhile. I came home and did some things around the house, made a baked potato with sauteed spinach, mushrooms and a little goat cheese on top and ate my dinner outside with the dogs. Still I was craving that damn milkshake, so here is what I came up with instead of the¬† 500-1000 caloric bombshell your going to ingest if you go out for one.


In a blender I put 1 small banana (80 calories)

One cup of Vanilla Almond milk (60 calories)

One tbs of cashew  butter (100 calories)

drizzle of vanilla extract (10 calories)



It was so dang good. I felt like it was totally worthy of the 250 calories! I highly recommend it if your craving something like a milkshake.


Tomorrow is opening night for the third opera of the season. I am making a blueberry/Apple oatmeal crisp to take into work tomorrow for my staff, it’s healthy and a great way to start the morning, unlike the dozen donuts I would normally have brought into work.


Let me know if you have any brilliant names for that damn boot.






  1. dogl2324 says:

    The crisp was a hit! I forgot to mention it was vegan! One of my staff members is vegan and I wanted him to be able to enjoy the crisp as well! Oh that dang boot! Top runners are Bootsie Collins, Loretta Lynn and my friend Krista said I should work the whole “Booty” angel and name it JLo or Beyonce! Ha!

  2. Lillian says:

    The blueberry/apple oatmeal crisp sounds wonderful and healthy to boot. Oh, no – I said the dreaded word, “boot”. I can’t think of a good name for it, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

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