The fly by…day seventeen.

Beyonce (yes, that is what I named my boot. My friend Krista thought I was looking at it all wrong and I needed to embrace the BOOTY not the BOOTIE) and I went to Petsmart tonight because every animal in my house was in need of something so as I am lugging a 30lb bag of Blue Buffalo from the bottom shelf I noticed a lady standing at the other end of the aisle just staring at the bags of food. It was about an hour before they closed so there were not too many people around when  the lady softly asked me if I could help her. “Sure, what are you looking for?’ She looked at me with damp eyes, “I need food for Billygoat, and I want to get him really good food because” and that is when she broke down and eventually continued to tell me that her brother passed away and Billygoat was his dog (and don’t ya know Billygoat is a schnauzer because her brother  thought the dog looked like one with his beard, I loved it!) she said her brother adored that dog and she wanted to feed him the best food because the dog was an extension of her brother and she wants to keep him as healthy as possible. Well that made me tear up so the two of us stood in aisle 8, teary eyed talking about our dogs as I told her what I knew about dog food, what to avoid as far as ingredients, brands and what food I have used. I think in the end I was helpful to her, but let’s face it she is really the one who helped me out tonight. It gave me great pause to stop and think about how many people I pass in a day and have absolutely no idea that they are walking through life in such pain and sadness. So maybe I see the world a tiny bit different today, and tomorrow it will mean something to someone and I won’t even know it. That is beauty of being kind to strangers.




“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
Desmond Tutu



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  1. Lillian says:

    Sweet post and I liked the Desmond Tutu quote.

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