The fly by…day twenty-one/twenty-two.

Lets just say I am 8th day band camp tired and there were only 7 days in band camp back in the day, so that is saying a lot. Both Saturday and Sunday were completely nuts and when I sat down to write, I had nothing but whining on my mind, of which you were all spared.  Why is the aftermath a little bit worse than being in the thick of things? I am letting myself be lazy for one night then Beyonce and I are hitting the pool tomorrow, well she will be poolside but I am going in and see how a swim feels on my achilles tendon. This not being able to walk much or run is for the birds, two more weeks though then I get re-checked and hopefully there will be some healing that has happened.

Today was a regular workday and when my alarm went off at 6:45 this morning everything about me wanted to scream No,no, no… but the dogs had other opinions and I am outnumbered 3 to 1 so the day went on with me present instead of under the covers. This is going to sound a little crazy but one of the best parts of my day was going to the dentist on my lunch break. If you have followed along with my blogging you know the great love I have for Dr. Gibson, Suzanne,  Kris, Cathy, Denise and all the staff in that office. When I go there are hugs and catching up and pictures shown of kids, dogs, new cars it’s kinda like being home for Thanksgiving, without the pies. You’re doing something right as a dentist if your patient walks out of the office thinking how lucky they are to be able to spent time there. Some family you are born into, others you find when you need an emergency root canal, what can I say?

Coming home from work I had a dirty thought, you know the one. “You deserve a treat, Lori.” Ha, after about 2 minuets of that jumping around in my head I actually said out loud to myself, “No what you deserve is to go home and make a nice dinner and sit in the backyard with the dogs and write.” So here we are, I did not stop and get the small chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen or the ONE donut which we all know would have turned into a Brady Bunch sized binge. I came home because what I deserve is to be good to myself and put good food made with love into my body. I don’t always win that battle but today I did and I am very happy to be sitting in the backyard with my feet up tossing a soggy tennis ball after enjoying my dinner.




Throw it, throw it, throw it, pleeeaaassse.

Throw it, throw it, throw it, pleeeaaassse.


crispy zucchini+potato+tofu cakes with tomato and a little goat cheese.

crispy zucchini+potato+tofu cakes with tomato and a little goat cheese.

































  1. Lillian says:

    I agree with Bob. Your meal looks so much better than a doughnut or ice cream cone.

  2. bob says:

    Why would you give up that dinner? Your meals always look amazing.

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