The high fly by….


Has been caught and the stretch of endless work days came to a halt unexpectedly today. Out of the blue Scott and I were offered tickets to the Reds game this afternoon and the folks at work were more than supportive for us to go, go, GO! While technically at work for a few hours Scott and I headed to the ballpark just before noon to spend the afternoon sitting outside in one of the most beautiful dog days of summer.




Great American Ballpark


We had talked about food, because lets face it these days you can get almost anything at the ballpark from sushi to fried everything. There is one thing that tastes the best at the ballpark for me and that is Skyline Cheese Coneys, a dog covered with Cincinnati Style Chili and finely grated Cheddar on a soft, sweet bun, and I don’t know why but at the ballpark they taste the best or maybe it’s the joy of seeing someone you love bask in the glory of that first bite, each time they take a bite after being away, it’s always the same euphoric reaction!  I will only eat them with one person and it’s not sweet Scott, so no skyline for me. In our discussions Scott and I decided on one beer, two dogs, I had a light breakfast and thought it was a reasonable splurge for the afternoon. As I was standing in line, I saw that they offered veggie dogs, hmm a veggie dog.  I am a foodie, I have eaten and do eat some crazy things but the one thing that kinda wigs me out is hotdogs. I can appreciate eating ground up bits of, well you know, but I just don’t trust them anymore, so two small veggie dogs and a beer it was! Scott looked at me in a way he rarely does….with judgement. “You’re at the ballpark, have a damn hotdog!” which made me laugh coming from him who is always the pillar of strength in guiding me away from bad food choices. In the end he totally supported me but when I looked over talking a big sloppy bite of the veggie dog with kraut and mustered mumbling with a mouthful how good it was, declaring how you couldn’t even tell the difference, the look from him very doubtful as he popped the end piece of the hot dog in his mouth and washed it down with a swig of cold beer.


Kraut and mustard, it really was very good.

Kraut and mustard, it really was very good.




Thank goodness I got to spend some time with this guy! Ha! It says something when you spend as much time as we do together at work and still want to hang out. I do adore him.

Thank goodness I got to spend some time with this guy! Ha! It says something when you spend as much time as we do together at work and still want to hang out. I do adore him.


I think the only person I know that could talk more about baseball than Scott was my dad, so in some disjointed glorious way, sitting there this afternoon with the blue skies and the kaleidoscope clouds I looked out at the vastness of it all and thought about my dad all the while listening to Scott talk about prospects and stats and the trade deadline, and smiled to myself knowing my dad would have loved him!


The reds lost 5-4 but it didn’t even matter because the Fly by is technically over. We did not work today so the long work stretch has come to an end but my hard work has not. I have much to focus on and plan for the next several months. If there is one thing I know it’s that I have to keep writing to keep moving and I have to keep moving to get where I need to be. I certainly hope you will stick around for the continued journey.








































  1. dogl2324 says:

    Hi Lucy,

    First off thank you for the note, your words and sharing mean a lot to me. I am so sorry about your losses, life can be heartbreaking and it sometimes seems to happen in relentless blows that just keep coming at us. I am so proud of you, know that! Because each time I stumble, fail, fall it’s starting up and taking the next step that is the hardest moment of them all. Thank you for volunteering at the shelter for giving of yourself to the animals that reside there! I am sending lots of good vibes your way! Please check in I would love to know more as you go forward if you are comfortable sharing. x

  2. Lucy says:

    I have followed you for a long time and find your story inspiring. Tomorrow I start my journey back to the real world. (not waiting for Monday!) I went through a tough time after losing someone very close to me followed 10 days later by my dog. It has taken a long time to “recover”, but I am ready to work on me. I love animals and start tomorrow as a volunteer for a local animal shelter. I will record my activities and meals(never say diet) thanks to you.

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