Sit up and take notice.

Weeks ago Jessica and I decided we needed a plan, a project, a program, a strategic system to get ourselves back on the exercise and wellness track full throttle.  We have come up with a year long commitment to tackle one unique challenge a month.  Things that  are fun, things that keep us moving and most importantly things that are flexible to fit into what is happening in our lives, no excuses.  My foot is still injured so until my achilles tendon issue is healed, I am a little limited in what I can do, but that is the whole point of this plan, find what you CAN do, don’t dwell on what you can’t! Here is what we have in mind.

Jessica’s view.

So you’re having a baby?” said some weird guy after I had just chased his yorkie down Delta Avenue in Mt Lookout. I said nope and walked away but what I really wanted to say was, “No, I just really like donuts!” I had been so busy with work I stopped cooking and starting eating junk and now apparently look pregnant. It was time to do something but ain’t nobody got time for working out. Lori and I both decided we needed to do something that would keep us accountable and be easy to do with busy schedules. We decided on monthly challenges starting with our fABulous abs challenge. We will increase the amount of sit ups we do each day and post pictures of us doing sit ups wherever we are, whether it be the bar or the park on the Dog-lbs Facebook page here.  Yes, I said the bar! My goal isn’t based on a number. I just want to lose the belly that looks like it’s carrying a baby when in fact it’s just been filled with donuts, beer, wine, sugar… Join us in our monthly challenges. You will laugh at us, we will be working on our fitness!
Lori’s View.
Forward, I have to keep moving forward. I simply will not let this achilles tendon tear bring me to my knees, so I have to figure it out along the way along with any other of life’s challenges that are thrown my way. The old me would have freaked out at an injury, the new me still freaks out but does not let the fear bring me to a screeching halt. Along with these challenges, I will be starting up the bi-weekly weigh- in’s beginning in September recommitting to losing pounds, and raising more money for Recycled Doggies. Of course more blogging from me and some guest blogs from Jessica too! It’s gonna be a fun ride, I hope you will join us along the way for some crazy adventures.
Here are some shots from our first two days….
Billy "Tully" Banks over sees my situp routine yesterday. His idea is sit up..throw the ball, sit up, throw the ball...

Billy “Tully” Banks over sees my situp routine yesterday. His idea is sit up..throw the ball, sit up… throw the ball…and repeat. 35 of them yesterday.




"Look in my eyes, feel the fire Jess!" 35 Sit ups!

“Look in my eyes, feel the fire Jess!” 35 Sit ups!




Not a cute dog in site but this was my view as I knocked out 40 sit ups.

Not a cute dog in sight but this was my view in the backyard as I knocked out 40 sit ups.




Taking a breather after knocking out her 40 sit ups with sweet Tanner for encouragement!

Taking a breather after knocking out her 40 sit ups Jess has sweet Tanner for encouragement, (I think he be looking for the ice cream truck FOCUS Tanner!)


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  1. Lillian says:

    Good luck to both of you and your new program. I’ll be following along (on the computer – I couldn’t begin to do what you do). Cute dog pictures.

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